Saturday, September 28, 2019

The surprise reaction of Ekindi after receiving the envelope of Dion Ngute

The quarreled management of the money collected or not by certain delegations during the consultations held at the prime ministerial for the great national dialogue is making waves.

It was the National Youth Council of Cameroon (CNJC) that sold the wick. In a statement dated September 20, the national treasurer of this youth organization accuses the 2nd vice-president of not being "correct" in the routing of per-diem allocated to the CNJC after the meeting with the Prime Minister.

If some political groups like the MRC say they have not asked for anything or received anything, this is not the case for others. Prosper Nkou Nvondo of the Universe Party, half-hearted that he perceived the "taxi fees", was during a debate in a television channel.

Likewise for Michel Bouba, president of the political party known as RRDC, except that he quickly denounced the opaque management of these funds described as "expenses of republican elegance".

"I received 200 thousand francs at the first ministry on behalf of my political party RRDC. There was no discharge, no signature. I protested for traceability, "said Bouba, whose handwritten release circulated on the web.

Michel Bouba especially regretted the behavior of some politicians present at the prime minister's day, including Jean Jaques Ekindi, whom he says was disappointed by his behavior when he received his envelope. "He began to make" atalaku "to the prime minister, told how" he is a handsome man "... he was given the envelope and he did not even protest", noted Bouba.