Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Mrc likely not participate in the dialogue

The chances of seeing MRC representatives around the table are virtually nil. Prime Minister Dion Ngute did not respond to the prerequisites demanded by Maurice Kamto's party to facilitate his participation in the national dialogue.

The release of political prisoners is not on the agenda of the national dialogue debates. The eight commissions created by the Prime Minister will work solely on themes such as bilingualism, cultural diversity, education, justice, reconstruction and development, decentralization and local administration, demobilization, disarmament and reintegration. and the diaspora.

The RCM's absence from the dialogue will not please the CPDM and the government.The SDF was also against the mention of the post-election crisis during the dialogue.

"The dialogue is about the situation in the Northwest and the Southwest. We have always tried to dilute this problem with other problems. You do not dilute one problem with another. One of the reasons we are going to this dialogue is to make the government understand that we can talk about the Boko Haram problem with the Ambazonians problem, but not about anything else, "said Joshua Osih.