Thursday, September 26, 2019

The entire interview of "General El Che Nou", the leader of the BAS

In its publication yesterday Wednesday, the newspaper "Le Jour" published an exclusive interview with the leader of the "Anti-Sardinard Brigade" (Bas) who made some revelations about the movement and its activities.

 Read the entire interview:

How should I call you? General? Che Nou?

My name is Nounga. This is my last name.But I am known under the name of "General el Che Nou" in the revolution.And that suits me perfectly.

You are the head of the organization called BAS, anti-sardinards brigade ...

The revolution in the diaspora does not involve only the BAS. But I am at the head of the BAS in Germany. I am the founder.In other countries like France, there are other sections of the Brigade and we work in synergy. The revolution in the diaspora is not only carried by the BAS. There are other entities.

On social networks in recent days, there is a message that is said about you, where there is talk of poisoning and repentance, regrets about your previous actions. What is it?

Indeed, I come out of poisoning, and if I had not been supported by a health system performance, I would be dead.And that's what we're fighting for, this effective health system that this old dictator has not been able to implement in Cameroon for 37 years. The culprits of my poisoning? It is clear I suspect the henchmen of the regime, in the shadows that have infiltrated our organization.

This is also suspected by the competent services here in Germany. But well, let's say that I got out of it and that I continue my fight, at the head of an organization that like any organization has its internal problems ... The revolution has always been able to count on its leader that I am, and we continue to work. We work hard.As for the post I am being given, which I will have repented of the sacking of the embassies, it is of course still a gross manipulation of the regime. I am not the author.

Let's talk about your organization, the Bas. When did you start? Explain to us your denomination, your functioning, your goal ...

October 7, 2018 took place in Cameroon a historic election. All the Cameroonian people had the hope of alternating out of the polls. Against all odds, on October 22, we witness a stolen victory by the Constitutional Court, aided by Elecam and Minat. Tired of all these schemes, we got up ...

Already on October 20, two days before, General El Che Nou that I am, mobilized in the streets of Berlin, nearly 8000 people, Cameroonians, to warn the regime against the eventual theft of this election that one wanted historic. So, when this lassure happens live, in Brussels, Paris, London, everywhere, we protest in the streets. It must already be said that General Niat of Belgium, with Willy of Paris are those who, from the month of November will be the first to pronounce the term "anti-sardinards". Why this term?

Well, it is already Mathias Eric Owona Nguini, one of the genocidal thinkers who had already baptized all the supporters of the change "tontinards" ... In reply, we qualified all the people of the regime "sardinards", the men who live only to eat sardine, the tinned sardine that has no head, and that has made our country the disaster it is right now. So we organized ourselves to track the "sardinards" abroad. We have a structured movement, with generals, commanders, and so on.

But we do not work alone for change here at home. There is the Code of General Wanto, it is the former "parliamentarians" of the University of Yaounde 90 years, CCD Brice Nitcheu, KOR (Kamtoourien) which I am responsible ... Each entity has its role. The Bas, the field actions, the Kor, are the diplomatic actions with the Chancelleries. And I admit that the results, especially at the level of Germany, are very heavy impact on the Yaoundé regime.

Obviously, your movement is not only Cameroonians ...

Yes, our revolution is intended to bring down all dictatorships. Our speech is transversal. We have with us the general Barade, who is Gabonese, it is an experienced fighter, it is she who trained her Cameroonian sisters in the fight. She is fighting against the Bongo dynasty in Gabon, but she considers that our struggle is also hers.

How is your movement funded?

We are financed first by our own contributions. Then we call Leetchi, these online dues, collaborative pools that allow everyone to put a small amount to support a cause.

Cameroonians respond massively to our calls for funds. But I must say that at the beginning I still put all my personal savings, 40,000 Euros, in the fight.

What is your job?

I am a language teacher. I teach French and Spanish in high schools in Germany. I also practiced in Cameroon, before leaving the country.

How do you classify your movement?Paramilitary (do you wear a camouflage)?Citizen? Revolutionary ? Where are you on this ranking ladder?

We define ourselves as a citizen movement. For the time being. But we do not exclude mutating to adapt to the situation.

That is to say?

We do not exclude becoming a paramilitary movement.

It's serious what you say ...

Yes, but I do not see any other option.

Is there a parentage between the MRC political party and you?

This is the umpteenth time that I have been asked this question. I answer no.Period. I have never been part of the MRC, and do not expect to enter tomorrow. This is the case for most brigadiers. I'll tell you: I even gave during the campaign, 400 € to Cabral Libii, because I found him younger, he is someone of my generation ... We are looking for a man who can to take our country out of the abyss ...

There is a strong contradiction between your statements, first of all, and your action. How can you claim Kamto's victory and at the same time say that you are not from the MRC? Who would benefit from the victory you claim? Be clearer ...

I do not see where the contradiction lies.The Cameroonian portal of Belgium. In Cameroon, it is the law, a presidential candidate must take the cap of a party. It is within this framework that Kamto has taken on that of the MRC. But we brigadiers, each had his choice ... But in the world, we have all seen the hold-up election. We have seen how the Constitutional Council and its president diverted the results.

The incredible story of the 32 minutes that no one will ever see ... We have only one wish, that Cameroon is directed normally, by honest people. And if Maurice Kamto, president, arrived at the same crossings, we would have the same attitude of distrust towards him.

To be spectacular, your actions are still marked by a form of savagery ... Break embassies, an action like that of Geneva, all the same!

I am surprised that a journalist like you, living and working in Cameroon, perceives savagery in our actions: from the Biya regime to the Bas, which is the wildest?Shooting at civilians with live ammunition during protests, letting a Monique Koumatekel gape in a hospital yard, systematically imprisoning anyone who tries to oppose. We forced embassies, we booed Mr. Biya in front of his hotel, we did not kill anyone. Besides, we are, I think, still sweet dreamers ...

We speak at the moment of dialogue.There are even emissaries right now in Europe to meet you. What is your attitude towards this approach?

Since the speech of the 10th, I am convinced of one thing: Mr. Biya is always the same. He made an insulting speech.We at the bottom, we do not feel concerned by this initiative, which we naturally do not participate. I will just emphasize that this is yet another masquerade.