Monday, September 16, 2019

The destination where Samuel Eto'o is heading to reveals

A few days after announcing his retirement, the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon Samuel Eto'o was received on the program "The African Debate" led by his compatriot Alain Foka. Although the player has long been elusive about his life after football, he has leaked hints that he will not be far from football. Samuel Eto'o will likely be a football coach.

During his interview with Alain Foka, Samuel Eto'o said he will give himself a vacation to take care of his wife before returning to school. "I can spend 12 months enjoying myself with my wife, and then I'll come back and prepare for my studies," he said. Not having a coaching degree, training in this area is part of the ambitions of the former FC Barcelona striker.

Samuel Eto'o does not hide it. He wants to coach an African national football team. Very ambitious, he intends to win the World Cup. To the question: "A winner of a World Cup in Africa is not for tomorrow," Samuel replies: "As a coach, I still hope to do it. I do not see anyone coming to tell me, Samuel does not take 24 months to crisscross Cameroon and go take players everywhere. There is something else that has been learned in Europe, it is the tactical side, "said the player.

Samuel Eto'o is formal. He will not pursue a career in politics.  However, it does not exclude collaborations with the umbrella of African and world football (CAF and Fifa).