Friday, September 13, 2019

Paul Biya's Speech: "Secessionists must accept dialogue" says Cardinal Christian Tumi

After the release of the President of the Republic last Tuesday on the Anglophone crisis which is in full swing in the North West and South West regions, the Archbishop Emeritus of Douala has welcomed the announcement made by the Head of State and calls on the armed groups to take part.

"I tell them to talk. They must agree to dialogue. Only dialogue can allow them to be listened to. Even the world wars ended with dialogue. In addition, we must also accept the truth, wherever it comes from. No one has the monopoly of the truth or what is good or not, "is the answer that Cardinal Christian Tumi gave to the newspaper Mutations on newsstands September 12, 2019 in relation to the message he had to pass. armed groups.

Asked if he is satisfied with the speech of the President of the Republic, he replied: "Overall, I am satisfied.. The group of religious leaders that we have made made several proposals contained in a 400-page document. Among the proposals in this document is a national meeting to solve the problems in the North West and South West regions.

Finally, the archbishop emeritus Douala is satisfied with the fact that the President of the Republic took 30 minutes to talk about the problem that shakes the two regions of North-West and South-West. "He spoke only about the Anglophone crisis, the English problem.. He spoke at length about this and I think he did not exclude anything. He did not exclude any hypothesis. It is now up to the Prime Minister to organize this great national debate. And I would not like to be in his place.

Wilfried ONDOA