Friday, September 13, 2019

Paul Biya's Speech: I'm unhappy, Me Alice Nkom

"I have a lot of doubts about the sincerity of Paul Biya "I am very very very unhappy. It's wasted time. The president must not play with the nerves and suffering of Cameroonians " Me Alice Nkom

The lawyer emeritus accuses the Cameroonian head of state for not showing humility, for not recognizing his mistakes or mistakes.

Ms. Alice Nkom did not like the speech delivered to the Cameroonian nation by President Paul Biya on September 10, 2019. The well-known lawyer expressed her opinion on ABK Radio on the morning of September 11, 2019. "Alas ... the speech the president did not meet my expectations. It was a speech too mechanical. It lacked naturalness and love, "she said, adding that she did not understand that Paul Biya was silent on the issue of detainees in the case of Maurice Kamto. It disapproves of its allusion to the nationalities of opponents of Cameroonian origin living abroad. "He said that the people of the BAS no longer have Cameroonian nationality. Who took it away? Him. The head of state was not at all unifying in his speech. It leaves a bitter taste of something we have missed again, "she says.

Alice Nkom believes that the attitude of Paul Biya Tuesday night "does not reassure". She believes that under these conditions Cameroonians will not be able to agree. "When he talks about peace he goes far out there saying he's going to go begging. But we told him: "peace is here". There are little things like that that make me have a lot of doubts about his sincerity first. And if he is not sincere about the results we are promised as lasting peace and reconciliation. It is not possible ! Trust did not come first until we continue, we start walking together again. "

Alice Nkom accuses the President of the Republic of not recognizing, that he was able to make unfortunate decisions. She argues that the law gives her the right and power to stop the same lawsuits already started against anyone like the political prisoners now detained. She would have liked that for that he uses these possibilities in the current context. "I am very very very unhappy. It's wasted time. The president must not play with the nerves and suffering of Cameroonians. He must not! "She said before dictating to her the conduct to adopt:" he must do everything including bending, he, the servant of this people, in two to ask forgiveness and say: "I really saw. We walked together for 37 years. I know that today, at the end, you are suffering. You are unhappy. I did not always do everything I thought I could do. Now, come back. I understood, I heard a lot of things. He thinks that if he says that it will belittle him? He will touch hearts and we will reach out to him or take the hand he gives us. But that hand, it still has blood dripping.