Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Paul Biya's Speech: An Anglophone makes a non-negotiable proposal to the President

President Biya has decided to send a message to Cameroonians: a rare initiative that fuels comments on the web. An anglophone named Abdulkarim Ali, ahead of the president and draws up a list of non-negotiable proposal to Paul Biya.

"Dear Southern Cameroonians,

The peace and blessings of God are and stay with you, do not blink, do not fall for the cheap bait and do not get carried away like a brother-in-law who has become an outcast. -law.

He will not say anything concrete tonight about us. As far as our suffering is concerned, the French declaration will do nothing concrete. Not after 3 years of torture, murder, mutilation, oppression, rape, exile, displacement, imprisonment, mass, etc. The military is terrorizing us so far in French on our streets, our homes, our markets and our prayer arenas.

I know Enablers is happy to listen to his president. Note this well; it will not change our resolve or the mounting pressure, especially as we approach the United Nations General Assembly. This will not move a fly in southern Cameroon.

What will be a meaningful reading.

1. Demilitarize our territory.

2. Release every Cameroonian from the South

3. Count all the missing people of southern Cameroon

4. Take your administrative cabal out of our land

5. Come meet us at the bargaining table.

Anything below the above equates to another stupid speech in French that I do not even like the tone and sound of the alphabet.

In the meantime, it is high time we stopped fighting in public, dear South Cameroonians. It is time that we collaborate in every detail "

Source: Cameroonweb.com