Sunday, September 1, 2019

Njipendi Kuotu or the programmed Camair-Co collapse

The new management team stands out by a notorious incompetence. A mafia well orchestrated which is revealed in broad daylight. And yet, presented on May 27 at the Board of Directors as an experienced team, Cameroonians gradually discover the tree that hides the forest.

The new Managing Director, former PCA of Camair-Co seems to have invested the last two years to covet the job for reasons unacknowledged. Already introduced in the past as an experienced Civil Administrator, it is revealed that Mr LG Njipendi Kuotu has never held a position of responsibility in the Cameroonian Administration at the level of a Chief of Service. The post occupied in the past in the framework of the cooperation with the European Union has been canceled for incompetence.

The new DGA, Mr Max Mve, officially introduced by the Mintrans / PCA as "Aeronautical Engineer" was only an executive with no function in the house with a degree in computer science obtained in Russia there are thirty years .Indexed by the CONSUPE missions and the TCS as a suspect in the aircraft parts traffic network, he is more concerned about these issues than about the day-to-day management of the company. As proof, the two planes B737-700NG of the Camair-Co are still immobilized in Douala for the benefit of the rent in hundreds of millions per month of a B737-500 Armenian 25 years old.

Let's go back to the operating statistics.the new team reinvents aviation. How to explain a 30% increase in the number of passengers between the months of July and August with a plane (ERJ 145) less in its operation? An announced turnover in increase while the charges remain largely superior and with two months of wages arrears.