Tuesday, September 17, 2019

National Dialogue: This is the surprising reaction of the US Ambassador

The US Ambassador and his fellow diplomats accredited to Cameroon have suddenly become silent since the convening of a major national dialogue by the Cameroonian head of state to resolve the socio-political crisis in the South West and North regions. -Where is.

Incredible but true. Peter Henry Barlerin has lost his diplomatic tongue. The US Ambassador to Yaoundé has not made a media outing, as he is accustomed to applaud with both hands the offer of peace of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya, the English-speaking separatists. He who no longer had his tongue in his pocket since the outbreak of this crisis. We remember that the American diplomat has repeatedly castigated Yaounde. He regularly called for inclusive dialogue.

Today, unlike some political leaders and Cameroonian civil society, who have joined the initiative of the Head of State, which proves their sincerity in their request for a national dialogue, the head of the American diplomacy in Cameroon observes a suspicious silence.

English-speaking crisis

An observer from the national political scene remembers, however, that an inclusive dialogue had been prescribed by national and international communities, Western countries, the United States of America and certain partners in Cameroon as the only way to resolve the problem. socio-political crisis underway in the North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon.

The United States Ambassador to Cameroon, the Ambassador of France and other foreign representations have barely spoken of the crisis in these regions of the country without talking about an inclusive dialogue.

This long campaign for inclusive dialogue finally paid off on September 10, 2019, when President Paul Biya announced the convening of a major national dialogue.Following this announcement, "we expected these supporters of inclusive dialogue to be enthusiastic".

Curiously, these friends from Cameroon who claimed him are plunged into an incomprehensible sleep. "Did it take them by surprise? Where are those who love Cameroon and are so concerned about its problems? Why are they silent? "One wonders. "This campaign should be underway," slice Philip M.

"I would have expected a powerful public outing from the US Embassy in Cameroon and others now. It is time for these Cameroonian friends to call on extremists to give a chance to dialogue and to participate in these national talks. It is time for Cameroon's partners to order the armed groups to lay down their arms and come to the table. If this is not done, you are not sincere in your call to dialogue and so you all have a hidden agenda. Your true face has been revealed. You are enemies of peace, "concludes a political analyst who wished to remain anonymous.

Source: ndengue.com