Sunday, September 29, 2019

National dialogue: the shadow of the conspiracy against Biya extends!

We are slowly moving towards the great national dialogue initiated by Paul Biya. While this dialogue is decried by some, the militants of the Rdpc are in order of battle behind their champion. This Thursday on social networks, it is his right hand and Minister of Labor Grégoire Owona who is mounted in the niche.

According to Gregory Owona, this dialogue is a "great historic opportunity to further promote living together". Also, the minister wonders about "the plotting or guilty silence" of the international community since Paul Biya's announcement of the dialogue.

CameroonWeb offers the full minister's platform:


Here is a great historic opportunity to further promote the living together between Cameroonians and definitely turn their backs to the demons of disunity. Let's start from a simple fact: a community of men can not walk together, hand in hand, if it does not have in common strong historical references that serve as a compass. Indeed, if peace, which is part of our motto, appears as a legitimate aspiration of Cameroonians who have always boasted, the thirst for peace, since September 10 was still felt intensely through all the oral and written expressions that have appeared through various channels since the solemn Message of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, Chief Apostle of Peace.

"I have decided to convene, as of the end of this month, a major national dialogue that will allow us, within the framework of our Constitution, to examine ways and means to meet the profound aspirations of the people of the Northwest and the North. Southwest, but also of all the other components of our nation. It is with these words full of meaning that the Head of State himself announced the holding of this historic event and set the precise framework. President Paul BIYA has made it clear that a broad national consultation led by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, will aim at gathering the proposals of various actors of our society, representing various layers of the population, before the exchanges expected by all. We agree that this is indeed a methodological approach consistent with the resolution of conflicts, according to African secular values. This desire for peace and dialogue has since been confirmed by all the delegations that have been received by the Prime Minister, Head of Government.

It is therefore up to us, girls and sons of Cameroon, who are mainly concerned by this Grand National Dialogue and sharing the values ​​of peace and unity, the special responsibility to contribute in a constructive and patriotic way to the full success of this Presidential Initiative. which will be a landmark and whose implementation is the responsibility of the Prime Minister, Head of Government.

Speaking of dialogue, it appears thus, at the end of the Message to the Nation of the Head of State, that many topics, worthy of interest and bearing impact on our harmonious development, will be on the menu of exchanges. Among them, "bilingualism; cultural diversity and social cohesion; the reconstruction and development of the areas affected by the conflict; the return of refugees and displaced persons; the education and judicial system; decentralization and local development; the demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants; the role of the diaspora in the development of the country. The debates scheduled for September 30, 2019 and October 4, 2019, should therefore focus on interesting subjects that would be approached in a spirit of openness and understanding, within the legal framework of our Constitution.

It is not therefore a question of redefining a state as implied by those who mischievously distill the truncated idea of ​​a sovereign national conference or a tripartite bis. We are facing an opportunity that challenges us in our citizenship. It is not a matter of doing dabbling or misplaced spirit for selfish ends. It is a matter of resolving in an inclusive approach, a major problem that the Nation faces: that of Peace in the North-West and South-West, for the complete well-being of all his daughters and sons. This Grand National Dialogue prescribed by the President of the Republic should therefore be approached with great humility, commitment and republican spirit.

The Prime Minister has multiplied the meetings for two weeks. He listens with great attention to trade union leaders, party leaders, opinion leaders, religious leaders, civil society leaders and all Cameroonians of good will willing to contribute proposals for the success of this initiative. Steps.These successive delegations, received and consulted, do not automatically consist of participants in the Grand National Dialogue. The current exchanges can not therefore be an indicator of the representativeness of this important meeting, but rather the tangible illustration of the effective plural consultation in order to ensure that the proposals of the vast majority of Cameroonians are taken into account through relay ", natural or designated spokespersons.


It is in this momentum that a communiqué announced the establishment of a website exclusively dedicated to this dialogue and to serve as a receptacle for any written proposal from all citizens.

The delegations formed by the regions to meet the Prime Minister at the Star Building go there with the aim of bringing the concerns and requests of the people who have mandated them to this end, in their capacity as elected representatives, religious and community leaders, administrative officials, to contribute to the Great National Dialogue. It is therefore not, as read and heard, invective in a few places, an "RDPC Congress" or a "CPDM case" with "his people from above "Or even the case of" officials of an administration "which certainly has its share of responsibility in some dysfunctions. The evidence shows that all the political parties have played the game of consultation, especially those of the opposition, some of whom, unfortunately, have tried to distinguish themselves awkwardly by rough words; Normal by the way!Especially when one is in these positions.The same actors wanted to stand out for the occasion, by putting forward, "prerequisites": but do we need "prerequisites" when the public authorities are open to dialogue? Does peace need "prerequisites"? Can we have supported yesterday the immediate, inclusive and unconditional dialogue, then have fun posing today, "prerequisites" when the dialogue is solemnly announced and to the great satisfaction of all? Are we suddenly afraid of dialogue? It is therefore time, when the Presidential process challenges all of us with the Great National Dialogue, to definitively turn our backs on egoisms that undermine the common good.


The Great National Dialogue is an important opportunity that should focus on the return of peace and stability in the North West and South West regions. This is a good opportunity to restore peace in this part of the country where many of our compatriots suffer from abuses and villainous crimes. Except for those who have nourished a disastrous purpose for Cameroon and want to prevent by all these tendentious remarks, the holding of this dialogue, even as all the out of crisis in the world, pass in the final by a dialogue around a table. I hope that the silence deafening and one could say, suspicious of some powers and international organizations who claimed yet and again this dialogue, with the exception of the African Union, the UN, the Commonwealth and the Francophonie, who openly congratulated and encouraged Cameroon, will give way by September 30 to a constructive and timely speech. The "noisy" silence of some of the great powers who are always friends is akin to embarrassment for those who demanded dialogue, convinced that it would never come so calmly and that it could even ignite the street. get their agenda hidden!This silence as it is still manifest, looks like a conspiracy in sight, a conspiracy in preparation, a real plot that does not say his name! Not a word about those Cameroonians who organized the killings, the looting, the disorder, the breaks and that some of these powers quietly host in the name of Human Rights; not a word: if it's not a plot, what is it called? Some scream at the release of this or that, what relationship? Have we not been reminded that forgiveness is a good thing? That the exercise of the presidential pardon is possible? How can one forgive someone who does not ask for forgiveness? Or whoever promises to continue or reoffend?

President Paul BIYA remains consistent and consistent in his sincere offer of peace. He, the beggar of peace, once again, begs, with method, weight and determination for the benefit of Cameroon and Cameroonians. We want this peace and if the weapons do not remain silent voluntarily after this offer, it will be necessary to silence them with the help of all Cameroonian peace-loving and viscerally attached to their beautiful country!


Those of the political actors who stubbornly continue to take bladders for lanterns should, in my opinion, beware.Some even deny the Cameroonian people its ability to solve its crisis, to find appropriate solutions to a Cameroonian-Cameroon problem such as the situation in the North West and South West. Who better than the Prime Minister, Head of Government to lead this dialogue? Can we remind them that Dr. Chief DION NGUTE has an intellectual expertise proven by his university education; from his long experience in the high administration, through his progress in the Government where he has dealt with the issues of our country both in Cameroon and abroad;through his experience in his party where he has high responsibilities; because of his position as a traditional leader familiar with our history, our cultures, our roots, our environment and finally with this legitimacy conferred by his appointment by a Head of State elected to more than 70% of the vote;yes who better than him?

Paul BIYA set the date, the institutional framework was recalled, the agenda specified, the final objective reaffirmed, the participants defined, all Cameroonians including those who are armed and the victims, things have the merit of to be clear. Let's not play clever with peace in Cameroon. Give a chance to peace. President Paul BIYA, we are convinced, is watching over it and will remain determined. May the experts of intrigues and conspiracies become aware of the general interests of this beautiful country and forget a little bit, the individual selfish interests and those of the capitalist groups ready for anything. May I remind them that in 1960, while the majority of Cameroonians welcomed the independence of the country in joy, a minority continued to crackle arms: it eventually drop and disappear.

Those who are preparing today to continue the armed struggle are wrong and will not drag us into chaos. Let them know that whatever the length of the night, the day ends up getting up. Let's stay alert. Living together is not the result of oppression but of a voluntarist approach. Since Foumban. For decades. The values ​​that bring Cameroonians together, such as Peace and Unity, are and remain stronger than the economic and selfish interests of some who want to endanger the Nation. So let's get on with it, to make the Grand Dialogue National a success honoring our country Cameroon. We will then be stronger to continue the fight against the evils that undermine us.

May I allow myself to think very humbly that the great challenge remains the good construction of a nation and a country where there is neither francophone nor anglophone but only Cameroonians obviously speaking two languages?Cameroonians who have managed to merge at least two school and university systems, two judicial systems with the realization that this must really be done and requires time, years and means both human and financial. Will Anglophones and Francophones be able to question themselves? Very humbly will they know in tolerance to say even the truths that hurt, without however shed blood? Will they be able to take the step back so that those to whom the precursors of Foumban, then the successors whose Paul BIYA in Yaoundé have always invited them to become reality! We must believe it. We must achieve this through the Great National Dialogue. We will get there ! "

Gregory OWONA