Saturday, September 28, 2019

National Dialogue: 'No one judges Dion Ngute for now' Cardinal Tumi

The retired prelate wants Joseph Dion Ngute to be objective in the conduct of the forum scheduled for next week in Yaoundé.

Cardinal Christian Tumi was invited to the CRTV National Post's 13-hour paper on September 26, 2019. The former Archbishop of Douala answered questions related to the resolution of the Anglophone crisis. The prelate trusts the prime minister, who is leading the work of the Grand National Dialogue scheduled for next week in Yaoundé. "I believe that the Prime Minister has the competence to lead the Great National Dialogue. We will see his work before judging him. Despite being from the ruling party, if he works objectively, no one will have anything against him. There will be a lot of tension but he will make an effort to be as objective as possible ", exhorts Christian Tumi.

Regarding the contribution of the Anglophone general conference that he will represent at the forum, he indicated that he sent a questionnaire to 1000 anglophones and that their answers enabled his group to identify the problems of the nationals of the northern regions. -West and Southwest to produce a 400-page document and an 8-page summary. "This document makes it possible to understand the causes of the Anglophone crisis, as well as the proposals made by themselves to emerge from the crisis and ours because we initiated this dialogue with the English speakers. We handed this document to the Prime Minister. It comprises 3 parts. The causes of the crisis according to Cameroonians, their proposals, and our observations on the behavior of the military and "Amba boys" in the field of hostilities, "said the prince of the Catholic Church.

He is concerned about the issue of education in war-torn areas. It "leaves something to be desired", he thinks before making proposals. Among them is the idea of ​​basic education in private and public structures. "As a religious authority we will use the words of the gospel and say nothing but the truth. Everything must be clear and objective in intellectual honesty by accepting each other's points of view. Nobody has the monopoly of opinion. Man can not develop without school. Those who do not agree should come and explain why on the table. We will listen to them. We do not want dogmatism. Currently the children are not going to school because the killings continue between the military and the "Amba boys". As long as there are gunshots, there will be no return to school, "argues the cardinal.