Wednesday, September 11, 2019

National dialogue: Maurice Kamto excluded

The speech of the Head of State to the Nation has confirmed that Paul Biya remains firm and will not give in to blackmail.

The exit of the President of the Republic was eagerly awaited, especially concerning the release of "political prisoners".

Some expected that the head of state in his speech announces the end of the lawsuits against certain prisoners with the aim of the establishment of the national dialogue. All of them, therefore, remained thirsty. The Head of State remained constant and lucid.

No to the reign of impunity

"I would like to take the opportunity to point out that respect for the rule of law and the fight against impunity are the pillars of the consolidation of the rule of law, which we all aspire to. Throwing the rule of law underfoot and ensuring impunity for certain citizens would lead to preparing the bed of anarchy, "clarified Paul Biya. That is to say, all those who attack the interests of the Nation must make throat.

The firm tone of the Head of State to the enemies of peace.

"It is therefore fundamental, at this stage, to dispel the rumors that we can quietly loot, rape, burn, kidnap, mutilate, murder, in the hope that a possible dialogue will erase all these crimes and ensure impunity for their perpetrators.

This is one of the major statements of the President of the Republic during his 30-minute speech. Obviously, Maurice Kamto et Cie and Ayuk Tabé will not be at the table by the end of this month. They are excluded offices according to the clarifications of the President of the Republic.

Paul Biya will not yield to the blackmail and the pressure of anyone

The Head of State, true to his tradition, has once again foiled the forecasts. With a firm hand, he warns Cameroonians who dare to challenge the texts and regulations.

"Such a way of thinking can only encourage the perpetuation of violence in regions in crisis and even provoke it in regions where there are none, as the experience of several countries shows. in the world>>.

Possibilities of a pardon?

In his position as patriarch and sage, Paul Biya sets the cape of forgiveness vis-à-vis those who have defied the best interests of the nation.

"It is true, however, that in the context of a dialogue, a peace process or national reconciliation, the possibility of forgiveness can be envisaged, under certain conditions".

"It is equally true that under our Constitution, the Head of State is entitled to use a right of grace."

This means that President Paul Biya holds the rudder firmly and remains at the boat maneuver Cameroon. One and the other have only to recover themselves. The extended hand of the Head of State is that of a wise father facing his children.