Sunday, September 29, 2019

National Dialogue: diplomatic battle between Paris and Washington

The Biya regime by organizing the Biyalogue had a dual purpose: to calm the ardor of the international community that was preparing to take international sanctions and especially, to try to isolate the secessionists and the BAS by posing them as reactionaries.

Unlike the BAS, which has fallen back on itself and has remained a wait-and-see attitude, the Ambazonian associations of the diaspora have created a common front, then mandated Ambassador Herman Cohen to bring their voices to Yaounde.

At this level is played the diplomatic match between Paris and Washington.

Paris and Biya dreamed of isolating Ambazonians, Washington puts Paris and Biya back on the wall and urtout, keep the hand.

The US will therefore be on the dialogue table indirectly. Herman Cohen can be heard at the congress, can inform the Senate of the sincerity of the approach of the Cameroonian government.

This confirms that the US will weigh all its weight on this issue, until the form of the state and the electoral process are fined in Cameroon. This is the main idea of ​​Karen Bass and Ben Cardin's resolutions.

Paul Biya played a cynical game: condemning Ayuk Tabe to scare Ambazonians in exile, invite them to Biyalogue, letting the threat of possible arrest wane, then wash their hands saying "THE ABSCENTS HAVE TORT".

At this stage, one conclusion is necessary, the political sequence of the true dialogue in Cameroon is not closed.

Autrement dit, si la France compte sur le Biyalogue pour freiner les sanctions au Niveau de l'Union Européenne et l'Onu, alors c’est peine perdu car les USA peuvent toujours unilatéralement sanctionner l’état du Cameroun comme ce fut le cas au Soudan. Ceci justifie l’arrivée de l’ambassadeur Herman Cohen dans ce dossier

Journaliste: Nde'e Manfou'oo