Sunday, September 29, 2019

National Dialogue: Dion Ngute Excludes Post-election Crisis, would not talk about how Paul Biya lost the election and rigged his way in

Prime Minister Dion Ngute appointed by Paul Biya to lead the major national dialogue that starts on December 30 does not intend to make the post-election crisis a priority. Referring to the eight (8) commissions in which the work of the dialogue will take place, it is clear that the fate of Maurice Kamto and his fellow prisoners will not be mentioned during the discussions. Dion Ngute closes the door of the dialogue to questions related to the post-election crisis.

Indeed, the committees retained by Dion Ngute for the dialogue are the Bilinguism, Cultural Diversity, Education, Justice, Reconstruction and Development, Decentralization and Local Administration, Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration and the Diaspora Commission.

According to the historian and political analyst Ahmadou Sehou, quoted by the newspaper Mutations, it emerges "the only will of the government, through topics of discussions that arrange it without taking into account the real stakes of the crisis. "

The historian does not understand why he is enrolled in the agenda of the dialogue themes such as reconstruction or disarmament when the war is not over yet.