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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

National Dialogue: Dion Ngute can not contain the heat anymore!

Next to the free tribune of Aminatou Ahidjo that resonates as the hymn to reconciliation and peace. Before the opening of the great national dialogue, several political actors formulate proposals that have fancy looks.

Aminatou Ahidjo advocates in his output a discussion backed on national unity, national integration and living together. So she invites everyone to participate.

The consultations of the PM

In the wake of the presidential appeal on the convening of the national dialogue, the Prime Minister immediately opened wide consultations. A series of meetings with all the forces of the nation. To this end, the Social Democratic Front whose first vice-president, Joshua Osih was received by Joseph Dion Ngute on September 12, 2019. The latter conditions his participation to the satisfaction of certain prerequisites.

"We have noted unequivocally that the announced national dialogue can not flourish without a calm environment.Notably, the declaration of a cease-fire and the guarantee of a general amnesty for all prisoners of the Anglophone crisis, "he said in a statement.

Neutrality demanded

The party leader of the Cameroonian opphat the Great National Dialogue be chaired by a neutral personality. Sdf believes that the prime minister should not preside over the meeting. He also denies the participation of the Army in this meeting and believes that only the form of the State is the solution to the resolution of the crisis.

Other political trends 

Upc-Manidem believes that this dialogue should address issues of national interest. Therefore, his mission is "to clean the stables of Augias, so that at the end of this Dialogue we have new basic texts."

For the MRC, the release of its leader held in Kondengui prison is preliminary. This is similar to blackmail in the opinion of some observers.