Monday, September 30, 2019

National Dialogue: The chances of achieving peace are limited

The national dialogue announced by Cameroonian President Paul Biya is scheduled to open this Monday in Yaoundé with the aim of resolving the crisis that is tearing the English-speaking West apart. But its chances of success are diminished by the absence of the main separatist leaders.

The clashes, but also the exactions and crimes committed by both sides against the civilians, have made some 3,000 dead since the beginning of the crisis, in 2017, has Indicated the International Crisis Group (ICG) in a report released Thursday.

Some English speakers demand a return to federalism while others demand the partition of the country. Two hypotheses that Yaoundé refuses.

"English-speaking separatists who dominate large areas in these areas, will not participate" as the main leaders settled abroad, said the ICG.

Among the sixteen English-speaking separatist leaders invited to the dialogue, prominent leaders of armed groups, such as Ebenezer Akwanga and Cho Ayaba, announced their refusal to participate.

With this dialogue, Cameroon wants to cast "powder in the eyes of the international community."

Most of these leaders have reaffirmed their willingness to discuss with the government, but demand that the negotiations take place in the presence of an international mediator , that they are held abroad and that the terms of the separation are the main item on the agenda, according to the ICG.

Source: BBC