Tuesday, September 17, 2019

National Dialogue: 'Anglophones will never lay down their weapons'

I was astonished to follow the rantings of some exegetes of the Head of State in the public media this weekend, hallucinatingly assert that any negotiation on the form of the state is prohibited during the Dialogue.

Exactly the same speech that led us to the Cree, because the armed secession was born the day President Biya asserted: "the form of the state is not negotiable".

The secession that was believed within the reach of a small squad of gendarmes, it's been three years that it has raged and it has driven the state of the rural areas of NOSO, even extending its grip on the safe cities of Buea and Bamenda where it imposes the Dead Cities, without the Government and its supporters being able to do anything.

In a statement, Bishop TUMI said that his survey of the English elite released 69% of supporters of the Secession.

It is unclear what magic the Government can solve the English problem without affecting its causes.

Some people talk about decentralization as a proxy measure, but it's too late! At the point where we are, the problem is no longer the content of words, but the words themselves! And it is the word "unitary" which has become the problem and which now maintains the war, regardless of its content! For this word, rightly or wrongly, has become the very symbol of Anglophone assimilation by Francophones, what they call "colonization of their people". In many Anglophone circles, he ended up instinctively triggering reactions of rejection and horror.

In reality, Anglophones will never lay down their arms as long as this word is in the Constitution!

Now some are hoping to see the secessionists lay down their arms because they denounce them in the state media.

Perhaps they have a mysterious secret to get with loud and boastful statements what the army could not do with weapons in 3 years.

Reporter: Dieudonné Essomba