Monday, September 23, 2019

National Dialogue: Ambazonia 'Generals' Boycott Meme SDO's Invitation For Consultative Talks As Three Fighters Drop Weapons

six Ambazonia 'generals' invited by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Ntou'ou Ndong Chamberlin for consultations ahead of the National Dialogue announced by President Paul Biya, have ignored the call following their absence in the meeting.

As stakeholders prepare for the national dialogue expected to hold between September 30 to October 4, regional and divisional authorities are convening pretalks to facilitate the agenda they would present at the national dialogue.

It is on the heels of this meeting that the SDO of Meme on Thursday September 19, issued a press release inviting separatist fighters to the dialogue table, in order to sort out lasting solutions to the ongoing sociopolitical crisis in the country.

The release from the SDO of Meme calling on separatists to join the community at the City hall, is one of the bold steps taken by an administrator in the two English speaking regions, as preparations for the national dialogue is taking placee.

The meeting that was scheduled for Saturday, September 21 at the Kumba City Council, took place in the absence of all the separatists. They were; Obase Ekeu of Dieni billage, mokube Mbamene alias 'Boss Devine' of Marumba, Masango Mukete karl alias Buscard of Malende and Sam of Small Ekombe village, Efang of Teke, and Bitta Colla of Metta Quarters Kumba.

However, during the meeting, three fighters surfaced and drop theri arms in response to President Paul Biya's last state addresss to the nation. A fourth is reported to have surrendered to security forces in Meme.