Sunday, September 15, 2019

Latest: Samuel Eto'o attacks Roger Milla and Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo for criticizing him

In the broadcast interview during which he announced his retirement, Samuel Eto'o Fils answered some of his detractors. He notably targeted the former Cameroonian international footballer Roger Milla and the indomitable Lion still active Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo.

Faced with Cameroonian journalist Alain Foka, Samuel Eto'o attacked those who point to him in these terms: "  Once I have a parent who spoke of interference always at this African Cup. I am not responsible if your bosses do not give you the information. I do not ask to be on the national team. They do not pay me to be next to the national team. I love football ".

Samuel Eto'o claims the right to speak about football in Cameroon like the French Zinedine Zidane. "In Cameroon it's still incredible. There are great players everywhere. Do we dispute Zidane in France? If Zidane gives his opinion we know that Zidane gave his opinion in what he knows how to do! Why in Cameroon mediocre allow themselves to criticize those who are brilliant. ? This is not normal in Cameroon. Some people who do not recognize their place want to claim other places. That's the problem in Cameroon. We must accept! It is not said that they should not give their opinion, " protested the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

When asked if he thinks of Roger Milla he answers: "No, there are many". But immediately remember how much he likes Roger Milla. And that is why he has "forgiven and continues to forgive many things" for the only idol he has "really" carried in his heart. "Our parents do not understand that I am also a parent. They see me forever as a child. That is the problem. They do not understand that we grew up. That's it Alain! I grew up ! I am considered a single player. I am a unique player! I must be given my place! If my parents for one reason or another refuse to give me my place it's their problem! Because I recognize my place. You're not going to change that I'm the best in Africa, " defends the football star.

He does not spare the defender of indomitable Lions Ambroise Oyongo Bitolo guilty of having scratched a few weeks ago in the columns of the newspaper Le Messager. "It's only in Cameroon where a young man who has not even started yet, who plays I do not know where in France that allows himself to talk to a Samuel Eto'o as if we were comrades! It is not possible ! But stay in your place! Take your little career! " Eto'o says it's one of the consequences of the disorder in the den. One said disorder maintained, he accuses, by "people who economically win behind" .

Eto 'ensures that some people want him because they have not been summoned to the selection, but that it does not move him very much. He said he had information about reports that some players have made by accusing him. "But these same players called me, sent me messages so that I can intervene for some players," he retorts.