Thursday, September 26, 2019

Kondengui: Fight between English prisoners and republican prisoners on Wednesday here's what really happened

It is difficult to say anything about the human or material damage of the confrontation which broke out Wednesday at Kondengui penitentiary in Yaoundé, between English political prisoners and "patriotic" and "republican" prisoners.

The clash that began in Ward 3 of the prison tended to become a general brawl after the prison quarters housing the most dangerous prisoners (death row prisoners) were opened to allow their residents to go lend. a strong hand to their comrades in Ward 3 who threatened with knives to liquidate English-speaking inmates.

All would have been conditional admonitions condemned to English-speaking prisoners by a certain Zanga Pierre, who for no apparent reason, shows much hostility towards Anglophones since their arrival in this prison environment. He is in the habit of doing so, to the point where in this district there is an atmosphere of constant tension between political prisoners and common law prisoners anxious to please the one whom other prisoners say to be an agent working for general information inside the prison where he was appointed by the prison administration, to the position of Neighborhood Coordinator 3. "It was not long before Zanga killed who had in his hands a dagger puts an end to the life of his vis-à-vis. Says a prison guard who laments the fact that to regulate the tension, the administration of the central prison finds no better than to repeat the infamy of last July, which was to open the death row. "I hope we will not end the day with the dead and that it will not be the anglophones, who are attacked, who will be sentenced to prison," the prison administration official said in a startled tone.

We learned that the name of Zanga at the origin of the scandal is the very one who had appointed to the judicial vindication those who, during the riots of July, had broken, burned, assaulted and tried to escape in groups.