Sunday, September 15, 2019

From Kondengui: Georges Gilbert Baongla Distress appeal to seek political asylum in 6 countries

Georges Gilbert Baongla no longer wants to live in Cameroon. The national president of the Republican Party imprisoned in Yaoundé since May 2019 sent requests for political asylum to the ambassadors of 6 countries stationed in Yaounde on September 12, 2019. He seeks his protection and that of some of his political associates. To the heads of the diplomatic missions of Congo, France, Russia, Brazil, China, the United States in Cameroon, the one who presents himself as the eldest son of the Cameroonian president Paul Biya affirms that it is the object of a conspiracy that could make it disappear. "Following our previous requests, so attached copy, I come very respectfully to your very high personality seeking refuge as president of the Republican Party bound to an uncertain and Kafkaan lawsuit held against me and in defiance of the law , for libel, corrupts a political affair where my enemies want my death. Moreover, my life is threatened in this prison environment, with a precarious state of health, "reads in the twin correspondence of Georges Gilbert Baongla.

These letters arouse reactions among observers. Among them are the political analyst and consultant Equinoxe Radio and television David Eboutou. "These correspondences are causing trouble in the minds of many Cameroonians who had not yet finished questioning why and how the putative son of the President of the Republic finds himself so easily in prison without intervention. By soliciting from now on the exile, George Gilbert Baongla would have information according to which his case would be already sealed hence his call for help ??? !! He wonders.

Georges Gilbert Baongla is sued for fraud and defamation by businessman Jean-Pierre Amougou Belinga. After a stay at the direction of the Judiciary Police in Yaoundé, he was transferred to the central prison still in the Cameroonian capital.