Wednesday, September 25, 2019

From Kondengui: the distress call of Bruno Bekolo Ebe

Waiting for his trial, the associate of Economy of the Universities placed under temporary arrest mandate in the central prison of Yaounde since March 21, 2013, deplores the lack of evidence of the accusation.

The daily La Nouvelle Expression on newsstands this September 24, 2019 reports the words of Professor Bruno Bekolo Ebe, where the latter says he is tortured. In custody since March 21, 2013, the former rector of the University of Douala is still waiting for the second witness of the prosecution. He should decide the outcome of his trial.

Accused of fraudulently detaining during 2003/2012, "the sum of 143 500 000 FCFA belonging to the University of Douala, a public institution whose state holds a majority of the capital"; the proofs that inculpate it are hard to find. Whereas the first witness in this case had already appeared without being charged with the former rector of the University of Douala;the second witness, on remand in Yaoundé Central Prison for another case, faces difficulties in appearing.

"Ten months after the start of the proceedings before this special court (TCS) ... The first witness of the public prosecutor's office (the prosecution) has already been heard. The second witness of the prosecution, Abdoul Aziz, former accountant of the university at the time of the events 2003-2012, is a key witness in this case. The witness must be remembered is in custody for another cause at the central prison of Yaoundé / Kondengui ... Where the procedure stuck is the difficulty for the prosecution to extract from the prison of kondengui the witness Abdoul Aziz ", says our colleague.

This inability of the prosecution to call the second witness is causing prejudice to Professor Bruno Bekolo Ebe. This is what leads him to declare that: "I am undergoing moral torture", since I am still waiting for the decision of the Tribunal.

A decision that appears to be related to the appearance of the second Crown witness.Recall that during his hearing on December 20, 2018, the Aggregate Economie said that "I am treated by ambush," the newspaper said. The next hearing will take place on October 21, 2019.