Friday, September 6, 2019

Exposed: Paul Biya private residence at the Golf-Ntoungou district in Yaoundé is built on land with a fake papers

A confidential note which we do not know by which alchemy she landed in the presidency of the Republic reveals that the private residence of the President of the Republic Paul Biya, located in the district Golf-Ntoungou in the second district of the city of Yaoundé, is built on a parcel of land with a false land title. The weekly Essingan on newsstands this Wednesday, September 04, 2019, reporting the indications in the said document, states that "The land title n0 29361 / Mfoundi acquired according to the notarized act n0 16077 of September 4, 2001, with the Maetur is set to 'index for not having followed the procedures in force'. To see clearly in this story, a real estate study was commissioned in April 2019. Led by an independent real estate agency called Intelligence + Heritage. The latter made it possible to establish a perfect concordance with the revelations contained in the confidential note mentioned above. Also according to this study, we will learn that the land title 29361 attributed to Paul Biya "An integral part of another land title listed in N0 27253 / Mfoundi, an area of ​​38 hectares that was affected by Decree No. 73 / 18 of January 17, 1973 to the Ministry of Information and Culture for the project of construction of a national museum. To conclude, the Heritage + report reveals that "the land title N0 27253, remains and remains assigned to the Ministry of Information and Culture, therefore has never been the subject of a decree of disaffection as required by the state regime "
 According to the newspaper headed by Marie Robert Eloundou, the leaders of this charade are Andre Mama Fouda and Pierre Hele who were at the time respectively Director of the Maetur and Minister of Urban Planning and Housing. The first is guilty of "having made acts of disposition of parcels on the domain of the State without regular legal basis". As for the second, he is accused of "having taken illegal Order No. 0232 of 9 June 1997 placing at the disposal of the Maetur, for development, a parcel of land of 38 hectares". Even if we do not know exactly what motivated their different actions, the latter nevertheless had consequences. one of them is the "public order nullity" of the land title of the land on which the private residence of the head of state is based.