Monday, September 9, 2019

Etoudi Palace: Paul Biya wanted to address the Nation, but canceled his massage to the Nation at the last minute

According to the two newspapers, the President of the Republic canceled the address he wanted to deliver to the Nation on 7 September 2019.

This is a fact unpublished under the Cameroonian sky that occurred on Saturday, August 7, 2019 at the Presidential Palace in Yaounde. According to the private dailies Mutations and InfoMatin , the Head of State, Paul Biya , canceled at the last minute, an unusual message that he wanted to address to the Nation.

Our two confreres indicate that the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency had mobilized the teams of the two state media, Cameroon Tribune and the CRTV , for a '' a great event '' as the expression of InfoMatin.

Ditto for René Emmanuel Sadi , the Minister of Communication, responsible for overseeing the operation; Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute and senior intelligence agencies.

The long-awaited speech will not finally take place. Paul Biya would have decided to cancel at the last minute.

"The CEOs of Cameroon Tribune and CRTV ended up demobilizing their professionals Saturday, around 17h, at the request of the Cabinet Civil," says Mutations.

The two dailies speculate on the content of the aborted presidential speech. A CRTV executive told Mutations that "some CRTV staff believed that the President of the Republic would announce his resignation as Ahidjo (his predecessor) did in 1982" .

Some people think that the current tenant of the Palace of Etoudi wanted to announce the opening of the much desired dialogue for the resolution of the crisis in the English-speaking regions, confide the two confreres.

Apart from exceptional events, Paul Biya has made the habit of delivering two annual speeches to Cameroonians. The first takes place on February 10th on the occasion of Youth Day and the second on December 31st as part of New Year's greetings.

So this is an unprecedented message that the President of the CPDM wanted to pass on to his people. A people who will perhaps never have the opportunity to have the content.