Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Etoudi: Out of jealousy, Chantal Biya humiliates Beninese in front of Paul biya in Etoudi

In the immediate circle of the dictator of Cameroon, as is the custom, near the end of a brutal and arbitrary reign, there is widespread panic and utter confusion.

Several scenarios échafaudent, confront, neutralize each other, confront and defeat, daily depending on the mood of the first lady, on the lookout for news and rumors, such as to counteract its own strategy to capture power she hopes on velvet.

She goes as far as to frown, and to interfere in the organization, and the establishment of the organigram of the protocol of State, and forbids the wearing of skirts and trousers, to any member of the feminine , crossing the threshold of the Palace.

So this charming lady, from Benin, who had a date with Paul Biya.

A long time negotiated and stalled in advance, through the president of Benin in person, and therefore naturally appear in the program hearings to be granted by the Cameroonian head of state.

As soon as "Madam President" notices it, she launches her fishing networks, to gather all that there is to know about "the impertinent" or "intriguing" to the choice.

When we bring back the photos of the concerned, who like her, is rather of mixed blood, the national chantou sees red, and enters an unveiled hysterical crisis, and lacks very little to choke on his gall. Because the Beninese is not only young, but nature has also endowed this creature of dreams, a certain class, and physical assets quite impressive, which very few men can frankly long resist.

The head of state protocol, which she narrowly slaps, tells him the name of the counselor of the Benin embassy, ​​mandated to fetch the "beautiful" at the airport.

Chantal Biya, gives him a phone call, calls her in order as a valet de chambre, while ordering him not to pick up his host at the airport, as already agreed: "This girl take the bus like me, and will tell me everything that is so urgent and important to tell my husband. "On

it, she hangs up violently, and the day of the hearing, it is she who in fact replaces her husband to receive the lady, to whom she inflicts an unsustainable humiliation, causing embarrassment to the chief of protocol , which she required to be present during the interview.

It is therefore not good to be on the road to "Madam President", as her husband's president calls her.

All those who have tried it, have learned it at their expense.

It is certainly true that she is systematically still not successful in the face of this unpredictable husband, since it is a threat aimed directly at the survival of his throne, which he holds over all.

This was the case, for example, when Marafa Hamidou Yaya was arrested, against whom the beautiful Chantou fiercely opposed in vain, or when that of former Education Minister Haman Adama, his accomplice and his protected.

Since the debacle of Geneva, intrigues are plethores in the Palace. From conspiracy theory, in generalized suspicions of infiltration, several strategies are envisaged, and compete with interposed circles.

A plan is seriously considered, for example, to put Marcel niat Djifendji to the key, in favor of the Sultan of Bamouns who would take his place in the presidency of the Senate, to immediately cede to the eldest son of the head of state, Franck Emmanuel Biya, who would become so in the wake, the constitutional dolphin de facto.

Some, in the context of the crisis, would rather tend to the hypothesis of a government of national unity, transition, with his head, a new prime minister from the diaspora "respectable and frequentable", but with Paul Biya as President of the Republic.

Others, seriously considering the release of the president of the MRC, and all his supporters, and in the aftermath propose to them a division of power, in a government of national unity, responsible for shipping current affairs, waiting the holding of new elections.

But in order not to lose face, it would first have to go through the trial box, with the key to heavy prison sentences to follow.

Then, showing magnanimity, the Head of State would play his right of grace, and advocate appeasement and forgiveness.In the process, Ambazonian leaders would also be pardoned. By killing two birds with one stone, Paul Biya would appear in the eyes of the international community as the sole guarantor of peace and stability in Cameroon.

Another team, thinks to pull all the business, proposing the creation of a post of Vice-President of the Republic, actually emptied of any substance of executive power, which one would entrust at once to the president of the MRC, for calm his ardor, and persuade him to give up his impulse to recount his voice ...

Journalist: Jean-Pierre Du Pont