Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Elecam: Paul Biya appoints Dr. Nsangou Issofa's replacement

The mandate of Dr. Nsangou Issofa, as a member of the Elecam Electoral Council (the organ in charge of the organization of elections) has not been extended.

The academic from Noun County, Western Region, has been a member of the Electoral Council since 2011. President Paul Biya has appointed another Noun son as a new member of the ELECAM Council.

It is Salifou Njipendi, Assistant Secretary for Communication of the Democratic Union of Cameroon (UDC).

In the same vein, Titi Nwel Pierre, Delphine Tsanga, Tiku Tambe and Mohamadou Boubakar, were given their mandate as members of the Electoral Council, to be extended for another four years.

Below is the decree of the President of the Republic

Source: camerounweb.com