Thursday, September 26, 2019

Dialogue: Joshua Osih does not want to hear about the Kamto case, he proposed on the Anglophone crisis and Boko haram security challenges as the only problem to talk on

For the latter, the Grand National Dialogue announced by the President of the Republic must be mainly focused on the Anglophone crisis and nothing but the Anglophone crisis. According to Josuah Osih, the only other problem worth mentioning during this major national consultation is that of Boko Haram.

A few days after having submitted to the Prime Minister the proposals of the Sdf vis-à-vis the inclusive national dialogue announced by the President of the Republic, Josuah Osih was the guest of the morning of Abk radio this Wednesday, September 18, 2019. During a Fifty minutes, the 1st vice-president of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) has long dwelt on the contours, the spirit but also the topics that according to him, will have to be debated during this major national concertation scheduled for September 30 on October 4th at the Yaoundé congress center.

Regarding this major event, the former presidential candidate 2018 is formal: it must be primarily focused on the resolution of the Anglophone crisis and nothing but the Anglophone crisis. "The dialogue is about the situation in the Northwest and the Southwest. We have always tried to dilute this problem with other problems. You do not dilute one problem with another. One of the reasons we are going to this dialogue is to make the government understand that we can talk about the problem of Boko Haram with the problem of Ambazonians, but nothing else.

Especially not the situation and claims of Maurice Kamto, national president of the Renaissance Movement, incarcerated in the central prison of Kondengui for more than 6 months. For Josuah Osih, these considerations must be relegated to the background, or even ignored. "Kamto is in prison, it's unfortunate for our country, we regret it. But we will not change the agenda to please each other. Our wish is that he not be in prison. Now it is a problem that does not concern the English crisis. The Anglophone crisis is, in my opinion, 100 thousand times more important to settle than this one. All issues are important to resolve, but the top priority is a return to peace in the northwestern and southwestern regions. And we will not leave you with other problems. " Did he declare.

And adding that "we had the choice after the presidential election to take the path that was his, but we understood that our country was at war and that people would die every day. That we had to put our egos aside, that we had to put our personal ambitions aside to serve the Cameroonians. To do everything so that the problem of North-West and South-West is put on the table ... I wished it was released, I am for no prisoner of opinion "

For the rest, Josuah Osih says that the SDF will indeed participate in the national dialogue, even if some of the proposals it submitted to the Prime Minister are not respected. This, if only to make it notice to the Cameroonian government.