Friday, September 6, 2019

Death of infants: Minister of Health Orders Investigation After Fourth Case at Bafoussam Regional Hospital

The latter were part of a group of quintuplets born on August 10, 2019.

The last survivor is in critical condition, according to the genitor, who was upset by the tragedy. "We arrived with the hope of leaving with five babies. But we are about to finally come back empty-handed. One can only accept the situation as God has decided, "she launches desperately.

However, their vaginal birth had caused joy on August 10 at the regional hospital of Bafoussam. But a few weeks later, four of the quintuplets succumbed in series leaving their parents speechless. If the parents denounce medical negligence that led to their deaths, the medical profession accuses their great prematurity. Newborns, it should be remembered, had a weight between 800g and 1.8 kg at birth.

If their parents believe that "we could not foresee anything, better medical follow-up in a posh hospital in Yaoundé as we requested, may not have been dramatic." A point of view rejected by Prof. George Enow Orock. For the director of the Bafoussam regional hospital, "the premature babies were too small to support and endure the slightest displacement".

He reassures however that the last survivor benefits from a particular care, with a permanent observation "under oxygen". Informed of the situation, the Minister of Health, Manaouada Malachie, sent his condolences to the bereaved couple and ordered an investigation to elucidate the causes of these deaths.