Friday, September 27, 2019

Charlotte Dipanda named in embezzlement

A case of embezzlement touches Charlotte Dipanda, the diva of Cameroonian music. The singer, adulated for her honeyed melodies, sweetness, would have seen millions of CFA francs in the file of CAN Women's 2016.

This is a revelation made by Junior Zogo in exile. In a video posted on social networks, the former Police Commissioner alongside Amer Kmer, denounces the fiasco orchestrated during this CAN played in 2016 and of which MEDIAPART holds the evidence. "We always quote Ferdinand Ngoh, Ben Modo in the hijacking cases, we will never talk about Romeo Dika and Charlotte Dipanda, their names come out from M├ędiapart's file on this case," vociferates Junior Zogo.

He said that Charlotte Dipanda and Romeo Dika would have diverted hundreds of millions for their performance as an artist and that 'the beautiful Chacha' would have been introduced into the affair thanks to 'his companion'. This diversion would be facilitated by Ketchankeu, the tax collector of the Cameroonian Embassy in Paris who would also be a specialist in shenanigans.

The case that should make a splash, would have been smothered by the activist Boris Bertolt who would have pocketed 43 000 euros or more than 20 million F CFA.

Indeed, Charlotte Dipanda sang the anthem of the female CAN composed by Romeo Dika and performed with Richard Kings and other names of music like Guy Nsangue, Thierry Vaton, Ernest Mvouama.This is the first time that the name of Charlotte Dipanda is quoted in a financial scandal case. Investigations continue to clarify this case.