Sunday, September 15, 2019

Cameroon: The Presidency denies a trip by Paul and Chantal Biya to Geneva

We learn in a message-fax that has leaked in social networks, that the Minister, Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, asked the Ambassador of Cameroon in Switzerland, to take the necessary authorizations from Swiss authorities for a month's stay of the presidential couple from 15 September 2019.

This document, which is dated September 10, 2019, also contains the list of presidential security elements and the types of weapons and the number of ammunition they will carry on this expedition.

Contacted by to verify the authenticity of this message bearing the signature of Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, Director of the Civil Cabinet, a voice authorized to preside to be of this trip, denies categorically. "The document is wrong. It is still a matter of manufacturing individuals without faith or law, whose objective is to belittle the image of the President of the Republic and our dear country. The head of state is more concerned about the organization of the great national dialogue that he has himself scheduled for the end of this month. It is not because he has delegated the organization to the Prime Minister, the head of the government, that he does not follow him. Trust does not exclude control, said a famous politician, "explains our source.

The last trip of the presidential couple to Geneva, two months ago, had been cut short and disturbed by opponents in the Cameroonian diaspora.