Monday, September 9, 2019

Cameroon - Kamto Trial: In the Courts, MRC President and Co-Accused displayed Positive Morale

During the trial that opened on September 6, 2019 before the Yaoundé Military Court, the leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and his supporters showed their determination to go to the end of their fight.

The opening of the trial of the president of the MRC Maurice Kamto and his supporters was eagerly awaited this September 6, 2019 before the military court of Yaounde. In its newsstand edition Monday, September 9, 2019, the daily Le Jour notes that " the activists incarcerated in connection with this case have surprised more than one last Friday at the Military Court, defendants who display a good morale ."

" They showed their commitment, their loyalty, their support and their attachment to party ideals, with the entry of their leader Maurice Kamto into the room. The latter will reassure them with a broad smile, followed by the V gesture of victory. For nearly 45 minutes, they sang songs, to the glory of the latter. Alain Fogue , who wore a T-shirt that read "No to the electoral heist", will mingle with this beautiful atmosphere, time to warm up the room before the start of the hearing ", can we read in the columns of the newspaper.

A serenity of each other that has a positive impact on their lawyers. " Our customers surprise us with a morale of steel, they are serene, a confidence in them that reflects on us, and we strengthens even more to defend them despite multiple rejections, 250 in total," said Sylvain Souop

"An enthusiasm that has marked us since they were deprived of freedom. Their only misfortune, to have walked, is it to have walked, that one must find oneself before the Military Court? They trust them, They are not ashamed of the accusation, they know they have not stolen, killed, hijacked, assaulted. They know they have walked, because they claimed freedom, which justifies their trust in justice, "he said.