Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cameroon - Back to school in the North West: Of 55,000 students expected only 1299 returned, 3009 teachers expected only 86 returned

This is apparent from the first assessments made by the regional delegation of the Ministry of Secondary Education in the 7 departments of the North West Region after the first day of classes.

Since Monday, September 2, 2019, students in primary and secondary education have officially returned to class. However, if in some localities of Cameroon schoolchildren have joined schools in large numbers, in the North-West Region there has been a rather special return. The students did not rush to join the classrooms. According to the regional delegation of the Ministry of Secondary Education in the North-West region, only 1299 students have resumed the course of the 55.010 that were expected. By way of illustration, the schools of the Boyo Department which hoped to see 11,058 students arrive, did not receive any. The same scenario was repeated in the departments of Bui, Momo and Ngoketundja , which were expecting respectively 4595.3961 and 3781 students. Only the departments of Donga-Mantung, the Menchum and Mezam welcomed some learners. Is 1205 to 2521 for the 1 st department 73 to 5576 for the 2 nd and 21 to 23,579. Teachers and school leaders were also absent from the first day of class. Of the 3009 teachers who were expected, only 86 came to their place of work. As for the officials, they were only 96 instead of 1009.

As a reminder, After the condemnation of secessionist leader Ayuk Tabe, secessionists have announced new dead cities. Reaffirming at the same time, their desire to impose a permanent "lockdown" on schools, even threatening death parents who dare to evade. Despite the assurances given by the government, it seems that parents are not yet ready to send their children to school.