Monday, September 30, 2019

Cabral Libii expresses to Paul Biya his concerns about the outcome of the dialogue In an open letter

  1. Paul Biya has a few hours before the opening of the Grand National Dialogue, Cabral Libii expresses his deep concern about the outcome of these meetings.

The National President of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN) is in the process of being detained by Bibixy and Felix NGALIM "at the moment when claims have been discussed."

CameroonWeb offers you the fullness of this open letter:

"Mr. President of the Republic,

On the subject of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation, I have the honor to lead, I once again greet the announcement of the Grand National Dialogue, convened after a long wait, even though we may regret this number of lives lost since November 2016.

This dialogue that the PCRN and other political actors have called for, as well as civil society organizations, the people, our external partners, represents for our country, the new beginning, which will allow us to correct the mistakes of the past, by rewriting a social contract that will enervate ourselves, as well as future generations.

Nevertheless, allow me to express my deepest concern, concerning the outcome of this meeting that Cameroon took with its history, on two particular points:

The grabbing of the Great National Dialogue by the cadres of your political party the CPDM, and the absence of charismatic and legitimate Anglophone leaders namely MANCHO Bibixy and NGALIM Felix.

Indeed, in the spirit of your speech of September 10, this convocation is national is certainly addressed to all children in Cameroon, regardless of political affiliation, social class, and other sectarian considerations, but mainly to compatriots NOSO.

If the appointment of the Prime Minister Prime Minister was relatively unanimous, it is probably because of the affable nature that lends him, because he is himself from the Southwest and because it is the Head of Government. But only, we note that the senior cadres of your political party the CPDM, impose themselves with plethor participation quotas, which gives the state a look of party congress at this meeting. This obvious distortion of the Grand National Dialogue by your activists seriously undermines the consensual nature of these foundations and could significantly taint the process.

Also, I invite you to take urgent measures to ensure that the participation of the various actors is fair and fair, so as to avoid any confusion. It was as President of the Republic and not National President of the CPDM that you convened the Grand National Dialogue. The organizations concerned will know how to privilege compatriots from the NOSO regions in particular, and diversity in general, in their respective breasts.

On the other hand, Mr. President, during my meeting with the Prime Minister, I pointed out to him the need to free the prisoners from this crisis, giving priority to those who have said they are ready to work for a return to peace. . I made the same proposal concerning the prisoners of the post-electoral crisis, insofar as they would undertake to put an end to steps likely to exacerbate social tensions. Such measures would be part of the process of appeasement and inclusion, as a prelude to the consultation announced.

I can not hide my surprise and misunderstanding about the continued detention of compatriots MANCHO Bibixy and Felix NGALIM at the time when claims that they were among the first to bear will be discussed. These two leaders are at the dawn of the crisis that is shaking the North West and South West regions today. They have the advantage of having retained the legitimacy among the populations, but also to belong to the so-called moderate branch of the Anglophone crisis.

Moreover, they are rare major actors of this crisis, to have supported the return to the school in the anglophone zone, they answered expressly your call for the dialogue and made known by open letters that they welcome your initiative and are willing to work with you so that optimal solutions can be found at the end of these foundations for an effective return of peace in these two regions.

Mr. President of the Republic, you have invited all the children of Cameroon to this dialogue, including the secessionists who have committed acts of rare cruelty in the context of the "war". Through the mouth of the spokesperson of the Grand National Dialogue, you have offered them guarantees of "no prosecution" to those who are willing to come out of the bush to sit at the table, they run no risk. You have also created a few months ago a commission of disarmament and social reintegration for those. But how do you understand that MANCHO and NGALIM who officially hold your hand remain excluded from this dialogue? Whatever are the grievances that from your point of view could justify this setting aside, I suggest you Mr. President of the Republic, in the name of the best interests of the State, to implement at least forgiveness that you mentioned in your speech, concerning these compatriots.

You have the power to suspend or extinguish the public action against these compatriots in your capacity as boss of the executive on which the public prosecutor depends. It will be a strong message, reassuring and in line with your speech of September 10th. To treat the moderates who hold out their hand without leniency, while cooperating with those who have approached the extremes could mislead the message of appeasement that you carry.

Cameroon is above all of us, we have an opportunity to give it priority.

The whole world is watching us, we have the responsibility to prove to those that we are able to solve our different "as a family"

Patriotic greetings ''

Cabral LIBII