Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Breaking; Paul Biya says Anglophone crisis is highly affecting the country

The president of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya has declared that Anglophone crisis is drastically affecting Cameroon as a Nation. This speech by the president proves that the government might likely find a lasting solution to bring the war in Anglophone Cameroon to an end by accepting open duologue.

He added that the ministers he appointed in January are competent to handle the situation in Anglophone region of Cameroon.

Mr President said there is no marginalization of social exclusion in Cameroon. Paul Biya extend his condolence to all who have lost their loved ones in the cause of Anglophone crisis.
He further appreciates the international communities for there humanitarian support..

Updated: Paul Biya calls for dialogue at the end of this month to end Anglophone crisis

The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya has fixed ending of the months of September as the best time to dialogue into the crisis in Anglophone region of Cameroon.

But questions who to dialogue with to end the anglophone crisis?

The president condemns the killing of security forces, civilians and burning of houses and schools. He says killing gendarmes or civilians, burning schools, houses, and public structures has never been a legitimate manner of airing grievances.

He says a delegation will be dispatched in the coming days to concert with "those" in the diaspora.

"All stakeholders in the public and private sectors, traditional rulers, civil Society, economic experts, security personnel will be part of the dialogue process" Paul Biya
 stayed turned..