Tuesday, September 24, 2019

'Anglophones will never come back to the unitary state!'

I do not know why people are still dwelling on this story of decentralization! 

The administrative decentralization could have worked 10 years ago, before the first shot of the Secession! But today, it's over!

Some people talk about it arrogantly, as if the Government still controlled everything and that it was a docile civilian population that fears the slightest brigade commander!

The Secessionists are armed, good God!They get killed, but they kill too!

And in three years of triumphant announcements about a state that is a cold and all-powerful monster that nothing can resist, we can see that it is the Secessionists who rise in strength! It was they who left with bare hands, when everyone thought the state was going to kill them in two weeks!

But three years later, they are still there, enacting their law! They destroyed the great jewels that provided us with very valuable currencies, the CDC and PAMOL, destabilized the commercial networks, burned the public buildings, without this famous State can stop them!

They have chased the State, and there is no longer a sub-prefect and brigade commander outside the big cities transformed into a bunker, where public officials shiver with terror!

They collect taxes, control roads and have settled in schools built by the state that they have transformed into their base, in the light of everyone's knowledge!

And even in the hypersecure cities of Bamenda and Buea, it is they who set the pace of life, imposing the Dead Cities, the Deadly Re-entries, without being able to do anything there, apart from barren condemnations.

Internationally, they imposed their cause as a major problem, unlike the pseudo-patriots who deceived the Government into believing that it was a simple domestic affair that would not cause any interference.

And today, it is not they who suffer, but the State of Cameroon! It is the State of Cameroon which exhausts its resources in a perfectly useless war, it is him who loses his recipes it is him which is denounced for the violations of the humans right and which defends itself desperately! It is he whom the whole world watches maliciously, with immense reproach!

On the other hand, the Secessionists have not been seen asking for dialogue, but rather violently denouncing the archbishop emeritus TUMI and all the federalists who proposed to negotiate, anxious to fight and drive out what they call the occupation forces!

That's the reality on the ground!

The people who continue to brag in Yaoundé on their unitary Cameroon want to drive us where there? They tell us they are going to subdue the Secession, they will watch it when? With buzzwords? What are they waiting for? A whistle ?

Who can subdue the Secession without the frank adhesion of the English-speaking population? Nobody!

I said it three years ago: Cameroon does not have the political, economic, financial and diplomatic means to materially reinforce the English Secession! I was treated as a traitor to the country!

How did the people of Yaoundé believe that the bonds of a unitary state could be imposed on a Community representing 20% ​​of the population, and what is more, has already lived in a federal system, and under the supervision of the United Nations. United?

The unitary state is clearly a false project that can only lead to horror! It must come out definitely and immediately!

Otherwise, we will know exactly the same fate the other 3 countries that were born federal and had fun to suppress the Federation: Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia!

We do not delete a Federation! We can modify it, but we do not delete it!

It is imperative to return to the Federation and this is what should be the object of the Dialogue!

Otherwise, it may be late!

Let's go to the Federation at the risk of carrying a terrible historical responsibility! Anglophones will never come back to the unitary state! They say and repeat, their traditional leaders, all members of the party in power have clearly said! Do not give any pretense to the Secession, because we can not beat it militarily, despite the swaggering!

Let's go to the Federation! The Federation does not kill!

Nigeria is federal! Ethiopia is federal!South Africa is federal! Tanzania is federal! Sudan is federal!

People died there?

On the contrary, they are the most powerful countries in Africa from an economic point of view. And they also align 16 Universities on the top 20 in all Africa!

Columnist: Dieudonne Essomba