Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: US threatens to unleash English-speaking secessionists

Herman Cohen, former US Assistant Secretary of State in charge of African Affairs has just clarified the US position in a Tweet.

While inviting the separatists to dialogue with the threat of losing international sympathy, Herman Cohen detailed the preconditions.

"The Cameroonian" separatists "will lose all international sympathy if they continue to refuse dialogue. Instead, they should accept the dialogue, but as prerequisites, demand the release of all political prisoners, a neutral mediator and the acceptance by the government of their political legitimacy "Cohen.

All these conditions not having been taken into account by the Biya regime, would undoubtedly be the official position of the United States which since the announcement of the dialogue has not pronounced officially. It is time for the Cameroonian leaders to put an end to this masquerade which will have the sole effect of squandering the taxpayer's money.