Saturday, September 14, 2019

Anglophone crisis: Several confessions of Célestin Bedzigui

Certainly anathema is to be thrown on the separatists who commit abuses all day long but in the background, hide frustrations that decrypts Celestin Bedzigui.

For Célestin Bedzigui, the tense socio-political situation in North-West and South-West emanates from the confrontation of the two colonial systems inherited by Cameroon and which obviously differ in their mode of governance.

"The bottom line is to question the basics under the understanding that each of us put in this decision to put together because it is still to assume two legacies. A legacy of French colonization characterized by some form of Jacobinism ie the centralization of power and then an Anglo-Saxon heritage characterized by the Indirect Rule where power is much more decentralized, "said the president of the party for the Liberal Alliance (PAL).

Given the state of things, the politician sees a kind of domination of the French system on Angloxason in the mode of operation of the Administration.

"When one analyzes the evolution of the way in which the administrative entities of our country have been managed, one realizes that the Jacobin heritage seems to have taken precedence over the Anglo-Saxon legacy. And that is perhaps what created a part of frustrations expressed by the English-speaking component, "says the traditional authority at the microphone of the Crtv this September 13, 2019.