Thursday, September 5, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Angry armed fighters butchered a Landlord to death in Bamenda for renting out his house to Cameronian soldiers

Armed fighters in Bamendakwe village have maimed to dead a landlord for renting out his house to “ekelebes” (soldiers).

The man whose only name we got as Asobo was gruesomely murdered after being interrogated in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

In a less than two-minute video footage that has been making the rounds on social media, the man dressed in white long sleeve shirt on a black trouser was seen being interrogated by a group of armed men who presented themselves as Anglophone separatist fighters.

The said house owner was repeatedly told he
will face death for housing soldiers whom the armed men said were their ‘enemies’.

In the video, the armed men could be heard questioning the victim in pidgin.
“How many soldiers are living in your house Three soldiers are living in your house? Why are you keeping them there?” asked the gunmen.

In a trembling tone filled with visible fright, he told his torturers “I have been trying to ensure that they leave.”

Seemingly not convinced by his explanation, the armed men then replied “Who first of all told you to keep them there?”
He would then try in vain to make them see reason before pleading for his life. “They have been there even before this crisis started…,” he said this time in tears.

His attackers then retorted as the video fades out “…do you know how many persons they (soldiers) have killed? All those living in your house just came because of this crisis… You will die today”.
“You think you guys are killing us? You are killing yourselves…I am the one, commander of Mendankwe talking. You took soldiers and keep in your house. Where is your house? In New Town?” the individual who presented self as leader of the armed group questioned further.

Meanwhile, following the circulation of
still photos in which visible machetes wounds could be spotted on the slain landlord’s fore-
head, several social media users have been expressing concerns.
One of such social media users questioned rhetorically “What exactly was he supposed to do???? Chase them out???? No….these guys are missing out the target…. God help us”.

Another added “This is nacceptable.…”

Source: Mimi Mefo Info