Saturday, September 7, 2019

Anglophone Crisis: Akere Muna proposes a 'miracle solution'

Read the excerpt of an interview with Master Akere Muna given to the Panafrican newspaper Jeune Afrique.

"First, you have to talk to each other. Then, it is imperative to bring things back to the situation as it was two years ago, that is, to release the detainees, to provide them with amnesty and to put in place the necessary conditions for disarmament. And it is not this army that will do it, so we have to find a third party. Like Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, or a country that is not a stakeholder, as some are reluctant to a UN intervention.

This country will have to agree to come with a buffer force that will deploy in the crisis areas and proceed to disarmament. Then he will have to move to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the villages and bring the inhabitants home. We must try as much as possible to return to the status quo ante. Once it has been done, we can begin to attack the global questions of the setting in which we wish to live. "

Not at all. I decline a national strategy of reconciliation.

And I say that with regard to disarmament, it is utopian to think that the soldiers of the army who were there yesterday, who have seen their comrades killed, will stand in front of Ambazonian fighters, who can recognize some of them. between them, and that they will accept to hand over weapons to them.

With bitterness, the situation will go in all directions. It should be done behind a screen, it is a role that can play another country. This one would be invited by Cameroon according to precise conditions enacted, and would leave after the work done. But to think that it is this army that will disarm, it will be very difficult for both sides.