Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ambazonian leaders warn that Paul Biya’s call for dialogue is not genuine

Ring leaders of the Ambazonian movement under the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movements have ask President Paul Biya to immediately pull out his military & administration from their homeland.

They insist that president’s rare outing, Tuesday September 10, 2019 was a calculated plan by the regime and its sponsors. “We urge the international community to order Mr. Biya, his sponsors, and occupation forces to stop playing games with the lives of millions of Southern Cameroonians. As with the Soviet Union and the confederacy of Senegal and The Gambia, the failed union Mr. Biya calls the “one, and indivisible Kamerun” was declared “dead and buried” on the 1st of October 2017 and it will never be resurrected,” the release signed by ten leaders including the Ambazonian Interim government and other pressure groups said.

They said as the liberators of the people from recolonization, “we will not allow him to use such a circus to lure the international community into slumber in the belief that this heartless tyrant intends, in any genuine way, to address the identity and territorial conflict between the two Cameroons that is at the core of the war that Mr.”

“Biya declared war and is now too frightened to even recognize it,” they added.

They said the problem is way beyond marginalization of Southern Cameroonians, trade union concerns, language and bilingualism.

“This is a cause for which we will forever remain faithful and would, proudly, give our own freedom or lives. We remind Mr. Biya that we will not allow him, his regime, his sponsors and his occupation forces in Southern Cameroons to quietly slaughter, rape, maim, assassinate, kill, burn and loot with impunity. Neither will the sovereign people of Ambazonia allow the distraction that is the so-called “national dialogue” convened by Mr. Biya to misrepresent what is at stake in the Cameroons.”

Read the full release below:

“We are horrified, though not surprised, by the callous indifference that Mr. Biya and his colonial regime contreleaseinue to show in the face of what is an unfolding genocide and an illegal war of recolonization and annexation in Southern Cameroons. This war is on the verge of entering its fourth year with tens of thousands killed, over 150,000 driven into refugee camps in neighboring countries, 1.5 million internally displaced and millions more impacted.

We recognize that the tyrant of neighboring La Republique du Cameroun has arrogated to himself powers to decree the organization of any political circus, including what he described in
his address today as a “national dialogue”.

That is why, in the spirit of seeking genuine peace that is founded on justice, on international law, on United Nations-backed resolutions which grant Southern Cameroons independence, the right to self-determination and outlines a path for separation, we, hereby, reiterate our commitment to the third-party-mediated negotiations without preconditions called for and supported by the international community.

We remind the international community that the ongoing genocide in Southern Cameroons is the direct result of the botched decolonization process and that resolving it will be impossible without the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons.

The cancer at the heart of the genocidal war in the Cameroons is recolonization, annexation, colonial administration and illegal military occupation of Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroun. The root cause is the pursuit in the 21stcentury of a crime against humanity (colonization) under an experiment that has now lasted over 100 years.

In the 44 years to 1953, that experiment failed to convert Southern Cameroonians into Nigerians. Southern Cameroons enjoyed self-government from 1954 until 1961. For 58 years since 1961, the Ahidjo-Biya regime has embarked on another failed attempt to terrorize Southern Cameroonians into becoming citizens of annexationist Cameroun.

Contrary to the claims which Mr. Biya made in his address, we remind him and his sponsors that
they have no right to take life, order the mass slaughter of those they call “dogs”, “rats”,
“roaches” and “enemies within”, and have no powers to grant pardon (to themselves or to anyone else). We will ensure that they will not enjoy any immunity or pardon for perpetrating, financing, sponsoring, committing or turning a blind eye while war crimes, crimes against humanity, violations of international law and acts bordering on genocide are perpetrated against the
sovereign people of Southern Cameroons.

We hold this truth to be self evident that the time has come for the international community to
recognize that the Biya regime is both unwilling and unable to end mass human rights violations.

As a consequence, we remind the international community of the Never Again Pledge they took following the Holocaust and encourage a break from the criminal silence that made the 1994 Rwandan Genocide possible. The time has come for the international community to evoke the Responsibility to Protect principle in order to end the genocide in Southern Cameroons.

World experts on genocide agree with us that it takes a ruthless tyrant like Mr. Biya to treat well-founded allegations of genocide as “ridiculous”.
It is shameful that Mr. Biya used his address this September 10, 2019 to express frustration with
the world that has denied him the license the Butcher of Yaounde seeks to slaughter Southern
Cameroonians with impunity. Mr. Biya is particularly irked by the fact that Southern
Cameroonians living in the Diaspora, including those who have acquired other nationalities, have refused to look away while their family members are slaughtered. Southern Cameroonians in the
Diaspora, including those who have acquired other nationalities, along with people of goodwill
the world over, will not rest until the baby-killing regime of Paul Biya is stopped in its genocidal
tracks in Southern Cameroons.

The occupation forces and the colonial administration of Mr. Biya must withdraw unconditionally from Southern Cameroons or must prepare to kill to the very last Southern
Cameroonian as this is the only way the colonialists from Yaounde can ever hope to take over and own our Homeland.

We salute the memory of the over 13,000 Southern Cameroonians who have been slaughtered by Biya’s genocidal forces and solemnly recommit to them and to their families that we will pursue the noble cause for which they gave their lives until restoration of independence is achieved. We recommit this day to live free, or die fighting.

We call on every Southern Cameroonian – in the Homeland or in the Diaspora – to shun any dialogue organized by Mr. Biya, his sponsors, his occupation forces and the enablers his regime continues to rely on to claim to have consent to misrule our people. We remind the world that the political will of Southern Cameroonians was freely deliberated and expressed in the two historic Declarations adopted at the end of the 1993 and 1994 All Anglophone Conferences (national dialogues) held in Buea and Bamenda respectively. The ongoing campaign for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons was mandated by those 1993 and 1994 conferences at which our people took their destiny into their hands.

The international community should note that anyone claiming to be a Southern Cameroonian
who signs up to and/or participates in the dialogue called by Mr. Biya can only be doing so as a de facto hostage and prisoner of a barbaric regime that holds a gun to the head of all in order to abduct, deport, rendition, imprison, torture, “disappear”, kill and/or execute political dissidents.

The regime notably targets anyone who questions the illusionary “one, and indivisible Kamerun”
that Mr. Biya continues to claim exists, talk less of anyone who supports the independence for Southern Cameroons.
We want the world to know that no position adopted during any so-called “national dialogue”
convened by Mr. Biya and held anywhere in the Cameroons will ever be binding on the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons. No Southern Cameroonian can meet and or debate freely in a setting where they face abduction, deportation, rendition, imprisonment, torture, execution, enforced disappearances, etc. at the hands of the terrorist regime of Mr. Biya.

Locked in an existential struggle, our people now know that our survival depends on our determination to defend ourselves and our dignity as a people. It depends on ability to defend our freedom and to stop being the only country on earth that won independence before the United Nations but has been denied the right to enjoy that independence. We will settle for nothing less.

We call on the freedom-loving people of Southern Cameroons to stand ready to defend themselves and to fight to the last woman, man, boy or girl standing. We call on the 64 countries which, on the 21st of April 1961, voted in favor of the independence of Southern Cameroons at the United Nations to reaffirm their vote and to recognize that the “NO” vote cast by La Republique du Cameroun, by France and many French-speaking allies of Cameroun and France, constitutes proof of the premeditated nature of the crime of recolonization that Cameroun has been rolling out for 58 years now.

We call on our self-defense volunteers to stand ready to continue to protect their communities and to resist the genocidal forces of Mr. Biya. We call on citizens of the world who want an end to the ongoing genocide and an end to the colonial
experiment of trying to impose a different nationality on Southern Cameroonians, to join in
funding, in mobilizing and in campaigning for the restoration of the independence and
recognition of Southern Cameroons as Africa’s 55th sovereign nation”.

Below are the signatories:
APLM – Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga

FSCWO – Flora Asongwe
APERM – Edwin Ngang

MoRISC – Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert
RoAN – Marc Chebs

SCAPO – Augustine Ndangam
CONSORTIUM – John Mbah Akuroh

SCNC – Elvis Kometa
IG – Dr. Samuel Sako Ikome/Yerima Darbney SCWM – Vyvian Mbanwie