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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Ambazonia: understanding the manhunt against General Semengue

The reality of what opposes the FECAFOOT to the LFPC reveals a general who is resisting against a background of threats that are becoming clearer. Either the general is not fit and then he is called upon to claim his rights in retirement, or he is fit and is therefore called to go fight the nationalists in the NOSO. But who (from France or the regime) wants to resign the general and for which destinations?

In Cameroon, there is almost no more a week without announcing new forms of hostilities between FECAFOOT and the LFPC. Despite the many mediations recently organized by the government, the conflict continues between the Cameroon football federation and the professional football league of Cameroon. The specialists of the seraglio know very well that these mediations are only facades and that the reality is other. Indeed, under the cards, what is playing is the resistance of General Semengue to go to the NOSO to ziggle the Anglophone nationalists. The seraglio thinks that he would do a great service to the colonial mission but the general tells them that he is already retired, hence the determination of the serageant to expel him from the LFPC by branding as a range the age of the General. and his right to retirement. This is the meaning of the dissolution of the Cameroon Professional Football League (LFPC) by the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), through its Executive Committee decided on September 3, 2019.

While the gallery has fun with such high-flying titles, Seidou takes revenge, Seidou defies the general, the Njoya attack the Seraglio by invoking the jurisprudence of age, the general, he, has other concerns .As a good war strategist, he knows very well that it is not his performance at the head of LFPC that is in question because his career at the head of the league is a no-fault in relation to the colonial mission which consists in making derail everything in Cameroon: Cameroon has almost no league. He also knows that what the serageant wants is to see him in action in the NOSO, judging by the willingness of the warring parties and especially the very threatening speech of the warlord who called for the dialogue of arms . The general also knows that the order to send him into the NOSO comes from Paris via the "Dazed" palace or the French embassy, ​​given his performance in the extinction of nationalists. But what the general seeks is to know who are the minions who are at the maneuver to validate such a request, he who decided unilaterally not to go to the war front. The general slammed forward, advancing pawns with serious threats barely veiled towards the seraglio to the highest peak of Biyaland: "I may be old, but there is a senator (Victor Mukete) who has 101 years in Cameroon; there is a President of the Republic who is 86 years old; there is a president of the Senate (Marcel Niat Njifenji) who is 85 years old. I only have 84 ". In other words, if I jump out of my piece of cake, I'll make you all jump without exception. "Affirmative my general! The military answer.

With such a message, we will not say that the general, who decided not to give up his chair of the LFPC, was not clear enough. Remember, we are in France, where all bad moves are allowed, just find the wrong reasons.

In France, too, when France has not yet found a docile servant to replace the previous one, which has fallen into disuse, the rule is to allow a military to arrive at the head of these states to furnish time.We remember particularly a certain General Guei in Ivory Coast who had initially ensured the transmission of power to Bedie. Then he drove Bédié out of power to settle there, the time for France to better prepare Ouattara, even if President Gbagbo will extend the scenario a little longer.

It is clear that the Fecafoot is in his rights and will manage to dismiss the general who had learned to manage a sports association on the war fields. The main question lies in the alibi or false justification offered by this opportunity.The general will be able to leave the LFPC presidency for another more prestigious and lucrative presidency. How far can the general go? Does he have the means? Or, more precisely, did he receive orders from Paris?

To be continued.

Columnist: Douala Ngando