Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Absent in the USA, Paul Biya organizes his own mini-summit in Etoudi palace

Absent in the US, Biya receives three new heads of diplomatic missions 

The President of the Republic, Paul BIYA, successively received, on September 24, 2019 at the Palace of Unity, the letters of credence of the Ambassadors of the French Republic, HE Christophe Guilhou, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, HE Abdalelah Mohammed A. Alsheaiby, as well as those of the High Commissioner of India, HE Rakesh Malhotra. The ceremony which lasted more than three hours, took place in the greatest diplomatic solemnity. The new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France in Cameroon opened the ball in the middle of the day.Counselor for foreign affairs, Christophe Guilhou has risen to all levels of diplomacy in his country. Graduate of the Institute of Political Studies and holder of advanced degrees from the Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations (Arabic and Swahili), the French diplomat is a multilingual, fluent in French and English, Spanish, in Arabic and Swahili, a language of East Africa. Before arriving in Cameroon, he was Ambassador to Djibouti. His first contact with President Paul BIYA allowed him to take the pulse of his mission in our country. The new Ambassador will have to contribute to strengthening the excellent relations of cooperation that exist between Yaoundé and Paris. The new Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Abdalelah Mohammed A. Alsheaiby, is a veteran diplomat.

He is a graduate of King Saud University and the Institute of Diplomatic Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country. The cooperation between Yaoundé and Ryad is old. It is based on strong cultural and economic links. Saudi Arabia has financed a number of infrastructure projects in the fields of energy and transport in Cameroon. It has also financed the construction of mosques, particularly in Yaoundé, Garoua and Maroua. The new High Commissioner of India in Cameroon, Rakesh Malhotra, who has returned the honor of closing this diplomatic ballet at the Palace of Unity, has a particularity. He is the first High Commissioner of India in Cameroon with residence in Yaoundé. Until then, Indian diplomats accredited to our country had residence in Abuja, Nigeria.

The opening of a High Commission of India in Yaounde reflects the willingness of the New Delhi authorities to strengthen cooperation with our country, especially at the economic level. So far, this cooperation has been limited to financing agricultural projects and training in advanced fields.

Graduate in economics, HE Rakesh Malhotra, was before his appointment in Cameroon, Consul General of India in Melbourne in Australia. It is now his mission to boost a new dynamic in cooperation between Cameroon and India, as indicated by the Indian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs during his recent visit to Yaounde.

Source: The Republic Press N ° 041