Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Urgent Message Maurice Kamto Sends from Kondengui

EMERGENCY is the quintessence of the diagnosis that Professor Maurice Kamto made on the bed of the bed of the patient Cameroon, after a review of vigor and rigor that everyone recognizes him. It is the gravity of this situation that forced President Maurice Kamto to adopt a clear, concise and clear approach in his emergency message to Cameroonians. A strikingly striking precision that every Cameroonian, in his little corner, appreciates at its true value.

In 1993, the book "The Urgency of Thought" by Maurice Kamto is published. In this philosophical-political essay, the author shows very precisely that Cameroonians in their majority think of their country Cameroon and the doldrums in which this country is. But the most important thing the illustrious author points out, and this is the theme of this podium, is the urgent need for radical change that many politicians pretend to ignore as if they wanted absolutely to discover what would look like a Cameroon in full collapse or total bankruptcy. Here are some excerpts of this book which illustrate very well my intention:

"The hardest thing remains to be done: to take all the bastilles that populate our heads, for we have not ceased to be the gravediggers of our own hopes. What despairs is the inconsistency of our democratic convictions, it is the lightness of our engagement for the cause of the democracy, it is this calculative wait-and-see of some, this lazy and revolting ponce-pilatism of some other. What must be conquered is fear, it is this incredible torpor that in each of us is a barrier to democracy. What URGES is the dismantling of the mental structures of resignation. "

"We have lived in lies and deceit: we have lied to survive, to enrich ourselves, to conquer a position of power, to rule, even on cemeteries. We need a depollution of the spirits, a moral purification. Our souls, dumb with lies and frozen in fear of everything and nothing, must be resurrected. Otherwise there will be no democracy. "

This objective and clear diagnosis, which fits wonderfully with the catastrophic situation of Cameroon, imposes an urgent and indispensable change, first of all to get away from the precipice that the current regime has deployed under our feet, and then to envisage the reconstruction of the citizens as we are, the restoration of a state of law and simply the rebirth of our nation.

Frankly, in our country, it is difficult to find a single subject, a single domain, a single department, a single ministry, a single region, etc., where there is no urgency. And the revulsions of this emergency are manifested at every level in our country with the cacophony within a wandering power, the uprising in the prisons, the drying up of the currency banks and not to be exhaustive, the most emblematic is the rain that washed the kings with their panther skin in Bafoussam. In this regard, some insiders reassured us that this emergency shower was necessary to wash some dirt and straighten some lost souls. So, it is the gravity of this situation that forced President Maurice Kamto to adopt a concise, clear and clear step in his emergency message to Cameroonians.

1- A concise approach

The consistency of Maurice Kamto's message was to convince the Cameroonians that a coalition movement with a good governance program or project and a sophisticated voting monitoring system were sufficient to oust the regime of extortion and the squandering of public funds. . And he was right, it was not necessary to wait for reforms that will never come. The urgency is incompatible with this kind of waste of time.

2- A clear step

The clarity of Maurice Kamto's message has been remarkable. By choosing football as a symbol of the election campaign, the RDPC understood right away that the carrots were cooked. And it was well seen because for those who know Cameroon, football in this country is a universal subject that grandparents, parents and children discuss passionately, with equal expertise. This is to say that the message of Maurice Kamto had reached all social strata.

And in the face of the emergency, Maurice Kamto did not offer the Cameroonian a football championship, nor a cup match, nor even a single match. He offered them directly the shots on goal and to insist on urgency, he directly opted for the penalty (sudden death or goal in gold). That is to say, whoever scores the penalty has won. And Maurice Kamto's foot had not trembled. It's very clear !

3- A clear approach

Maurice Kamto is what is called a true intellectual, that is to say, someone endowed with an integrity and a relentless honesty that forbids him to resign in the face of the mission entrusted to him by the Cameroonians. He had promised the Cameroonians to lead them to transition for a change if they trusted him. He added that he would not betray them and defend their votes until the end. He could have accepted part of the 2000 billion diverted from CAN 2019 to make a peace of the brave CPDM version. He did not do it. He could have raised an army of rebels, as some members in disgrace of the regime have suggested, to conquer power. But no he did not because the urgency is such that he needs everyone. He does not want to lose any Cameroonians as he likes to repeat. The message is so clear that he has to sacrifice himself because we have neither the time nor the space to go back.

In conclusion, the message of urgency of Maurice Kamto who gave the impression that he was well ahead of the others, turns out to be very striking to the point where every Cameroonian, in his little corner, appreciates him to his fair value, thanks to its remarkable precision. Today, Cameroonians, equipped with the "urgency of thought," combine the urgency of change with the urgency of action. The urgency has become a standard for all Cameroonians. The members of the CPDM state are the latest converts to the emergency and even the last of the CPDM's Mohicans, Paul Biya, only works by emergency in emergencies.

Reporter: Douala Ngando