Thursday, August 22, 2019

The open latter of An Anglophone to the entire leadership of the Ambazonian pro independence movement

Please, with all due respect, I must say I am worried about this Lock down that has been called.
I thought two sets of lock downs have been set for September already which is aimed at preventing school resumption?

Why call for an additional 3 week lockdown again sirs?
I am really worried. You people need to reconsider this decision except we want to record rebellion from our people or maybe, we want many of our people to die  again.

For Example; my Father has Kidney problems and need dialysis constantly. He has to go to Buea every Tuesdays and Fridays for treatment. Since only Buea hospital has dialysis center.
What will become of his health if he has to miss his dialysis treatment for 3 weeks?

Mind you that one of the grand mothers that was killed  by La Republic soldiers in February last year when they burnt down villages in the South West Region was my Father's mother and again my dad has his leg amputated as a result of this struggle and his house in the village was burnt down.

So what becomes of his health and the health of all those who need to always go to hospital in other cities for treatment? Do you mean he/others in similar situations has to die too after all what they have been through so far?
Please Please sirs, try to talk with those concerned, my dad and others who live on dialysis for survival cannot stay without their treatment.  This decision need to be reconsidered.
#Let's Consider the well-being of our people first before taking any decision.

Thank you very much.
Your son in Southern Cameroon.

Source: Mimi Mefo Info