Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The mighty truths about the Akéré Muna plot against Maurice Kamto

"There is no objective reason to believe for a single second that President Akere Muna is working against the peaceful National Resistance. Moreover, the political choices and orientations of the President Akere Muna must be respected and nothing can justify that it is the subject of attacks based on slanderous and bewildering and completely unfounded slanders.", Writes Bibou Nissak.

The spokesperson of Maurice Kamto puts the truth in its place at the moment when the ex-president and former president of Transparency International Akere Muna, became the star of the bloopers social networks, who overwhelm him badly with the attributes of a traitor who would be in conspiracy tactics against Maurice Kamto.

All started from a post of a big whistle-blower Jean-Pierre Du Pont who made an endless ride to all berzingue in all groups Whatsapp and Facebook last night. The man who has always been intellectually at ease, and who is a network hub, gets a call from activist Mathieu Youbi on Saturday night. A communicator with a flair for flirting with the RCN, Mathieu Youbi tells Jean-Pierre Du Pont that he is leaving the Yaoundé main prison where he met and had a working session with President Maurice Kamto. He sends him a post whose content is explosive.


"Akere Muna, who says he is close to African heads of state and has loosely disassociated himself from the coalition in his electoral hold-up demands, was put on mission by Mr Biya in South Africa to stab once more the coalition and give respite to his objective ally, the old man president fallen and sick.

To make it known with amplifier effect will stop this shameful and Machiavellian plan. A public warning to Mr Muna must be made: The people will not accept his new betrayal whose reward is certainly on the one hand his presence in a transitional government version Paul Biya and on the other hand blinkers ensured on his legal problems. "This blaze where everything is overhead, bears no signature. Hic!

Jean-Pierre Du Pont does not suspect the smokiness and the dark manipulations infamous warped to bury the supporters of Maurice Kamto and Akere Muna in the fray. Nasty tackles, stinking guerrante, carnage against Akere Muna who takes serious shots on his face and his moral integrity.

Very early in the morning, Jean-Pierre Du Pont realizes that we wanted to use him as a Turkish head to let a project run riot. Paul Biya did not go to South Africa as the enigmatic post sent to him by Mathieu Youbi had suggested. He is rather in Mvomeka'a, in his village. Akere Muna, too, is not in South Africa, but rather in the United States for weeks. Jean-Pierre Du Pont removes the article from his wall and makes a mea culpa where he apologizes to Master Akere Muna.

Mathieu Youbi has also just removed the post in various groups where it was shared and made a focus this Sunday afternoon. Alas! The text continues to circulate in social networks like a headless chicken.

Obviously, the one called "clean man" has seen its tarnished image which can not restore the luster with a denial manner cushy. Contacted, Mathieu Youbi claims to have himself discovered the anonymous text in Whatsapp groups close to English-speaking separatists. Like tales of lullabies coming out of the confines of the imaginary, Akere Muna became the accomplice and made a deal with Paul Biya against Maurice Kamto.

Akere Muna who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who spent his money to finance his election campaign, pay his deposit, to finally line up behind Maurice Kamto, will now beg the donuts and porridge with Paul Biya? Akere Muna was summoned to the SED by the Biya regime accusing him of being Ambazonian. As soon as he announced his candidacy for the presidential election, Justice Minister Laurent Esso urged his younger sister Ama Tutu Muna (former Minister of Culture) to lodge a complaint. Hardly condemned by the political justice of the regime, Akere Muna is currently in the sights of the Minister of State Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh who maneuver to stop it before the forum of the former African Heads of State of which he is accused of being the initiator with the aim of bringing down Paul Biya.

The best way to kill Maurice Kamto is to cut him from Akere Muna whose diplomatic roots are spreading and prospering internationally. Killing Akere Muna politically, wasting the right arm of the opposition and civil society. It is the surgical method of the Machiavellian regime of Biya that always pays the luxury of dividing the opposition to better rule. As Napoleon Bonaparte said: "High politics is only common sense applied to great things".

Reporter: J. Remy Ngono