Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Switzerland to seize Paul Biya assets in Swiss any soon

Paul Biya, as expected, after being declared persona non grata in Switzerland, now sees his assets that could be seized and confiscated in Switzerland for fraud and tax delinquency.

And for good reason, Paul Biya's second country, of which he himself would have declared himself a citizen, would suspect him of possessing in Switzerland property which he never declared as required by the fiscal law. If he is a Swiss citizen as he wanted to avail himself he had to declare his income to pay taxes. He would never have done it.

Moreover, it is also notified to prove that he has not acquired all his assets in embezzlement of funds at the expense of the Cameroonian population of which he has been president without interruption for 36 years.

According to credible sources, this would include millions of shares in several companies such as banks, high-luxury hotels and, most importantly, real estate properties worth more than 900 million euros.

When people often say that you have to know how to leave things before they leave you, that is what makes sense in this particular case. And for good reason, the current presidential mandate of Paul Biya in one too many and that will, for sure, run like Mobutu. And that he knows very well but alas..

Indeed, during his last eventful visit in Switzerland, hunted by the Anti Sardinards Brigade (BAS), Paul Biya has formally asked to take advantage of his Swiss citizenship to benefit from the protection of Switzerland, the same rights as any Swiss citizen and above all to remain there like any normal citizen.

Unfortunately for him, the Swiss citizen does not have only rights he also has homework. It is precisely this request from Biya that could open the door to a likely seizure of its property in the very near future for non-declaration of its taxes in Switzerland.

In fact, we learn that Biya, as a Swiss Citizen, would never have declared a tax in Switzerland, where every citizen has a duty, to declare his assets and pay his taxes. The tax investigation shows that the Cameroon president who has dual nationality also does not declare tax in Cameroon. This means that all his assets in Switzerland are tax-free because he sails between a Cameroonian citizen and a Swiss citizen. "This is a very serious offense that would open the door to the confiscation of property pending a decision of the court that can, we know, be pronounced after several decades," says a Cameroonian tax specialist.

According to this professor specializing in international law, Paul Biya would have also fallen into the error that commit all those dictators who believe themselves clever are having the twilight of their lives on earth. Often very weakened by the disease and internal uprisings to drive them out of power, "their country of refuge exploits their weaknesses as well as their naivety to seize their property. Mobutu from ex-Zaire, Bokassa from CAR and the ex-Haitian baby doc know something about it, "he continues.

It goes without saying that the end-of-reign steamroller that all dictators know is in operation. Biya is finished, he knows it very well just like his entourage and close collaborators. So, it only remains for him to sell, as he already does very well, all Cameroon, to whoever wants to buy it, to hope to stay and die in power.

Unfortunately for him, when the Cameroonian people will wake up ... and it will be too late for Paul Biya. He will lose everything he has in Cameroon.