Saturday, August 3, 2019

Succession of Biya: Kamto could take oath in a few months to come

Patriots, resistance fighters and independence fighters today victorious, we are pleased to announce that on October 12, 2019, we will meet massively in Paris, Place de la République, to induct President-elect Maurice Kamto, in the fullness of the prerogatives for which the people gave him the majority mandate, on October 7, 2018.

Comrades, let us leave aside our egos and susceptibilities, and let us draw priority, and prior to the total and complete liberation of our country. The rest will follow, in time and in hours. Men pass, but Cameroon remains and remains eternal.

Come massively, all as you are, disrespectfully your chapels, find your brothers and sisters in the communion of love of your homeland, the only one that counts, on October 12, 2019 in Paris, Place de la République, not only to bar the road to imposture and electoral hold-up, but to show the world, the popular legitimacy and ballot boxes, which is enjoyed by Professor Maurice Kamto, the first and only democratically elected president of Cameroon.

A president elected by and for the Cameroonians, in the service of the Cameroonian nation. Patriots of all stripes, mobilize yourself, and yours, for this historic rendez - vous of October 12th.

The liberation and the legitimacy of Professor Kamto, the elected president, our president, the one whom your votes have designated, the one to whom you entrusted the future and the fate of your children, depend on you. It is by the degree of your mobilization in his favor that the outside world will grant him credit and legitimacy.

Do not let yourself be robbed of your victory, your choice and with him, Professor Kamto's project for our people.

You who live in Sydney, you who live in Melbourne, you who live in Washington DC, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Madrid, Oslo, Dublin, Madrid, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Lisbon, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Coventry, Glasgow, Luton, Paris, Lyon, Tours , Troy, Marseille, Bordeaux, Man, Toulouse, if you love your country, if you are really Cameroonian (e), come on October 12 Place de la République in Paris, and free your country.

To the leaders of all the political movements of the diaspora (RCM, BAS, KOR, FPC), I send a patriotic salute, and invite you to take a stand for this gathering. The people look at you, and believe in you. You have no right to error or failure. You have an appointment with history, and future generations will hold you accountable.

This beleaguered dictatorship will soon collapse like a termite mound eaten from within. Let's stay the course, and focus on the essentials. No distraction should divert us from our trajectory.

That each one at his level, do his best, and according to his possibilities, so that this meeting of October 12 is a success, and true demonstration of the popular legitimacy of Pr Kamto, the elected president.

All suggestions and initiatives in this respect are welcome.

Homeland or death, we will overcome.And together we will succeed, or we will sink.

Long live Cameroon!

For the collective

Journalist: Jean-Pierre Du Pont