Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Stamp of Tekno in Cameroon: Maahlox, other artists react

Rappers like Maalhox the Viber, protest against the fact that national and foreign companies present on the national territory, offer enormous fees to the foreign artists who come to preside in Cameroon and at the same time refuses to do the same politeness to the artists nationals.

This Saturday, August 03, 2019, the digital platform Bimstr specialized in the dissemination and promotion of Cameroonian music echoed an information, which in minutes became viral.

The substance of the latter seemed to indicate that during the live concert Johnnie Music and Whiskey, organized by the famous Scottish whiskey brand Johnnie Walker, on 18 and 20 April in Douala and Yaounde, the singer Nigerian Tekno who was at the head of poster received a stamp of 64 million FCFA, while the Cameroonian artists Jovi, Ko-C and Shura who accompanied it respectively received a stamp of 2 million Fcfa, 1.5 million Fcfa and 500,000 Fcfa.

As expected, the news has caused many Cameroonian artists to react, led by the controversial rapper Maalhox the Viber.

The author of the blockbuster "Ça Sort comme ça sort", has realized in the wake a live live on the social network Facebook, to denounce this treatment at two speeds and demand more attention from domestic and foreign companies installed on the national territory.

"We pay the Whiskeys every day, it's us who buy their products every day, it's us who put the credits every day, but when we have to pay people, it becomes that we do not are not international? When you have to pay people you take all the money you give to foreigners eh? It is unacceptable that a multinational gives 500,000 Fcfa to a Cameroonian artist and 64 million FCFA to a foreigner. Cameroonian money must remain in the hands of Cameroonians, "he said.

Following Maalhox, the rapper Franko also made an exit which was in the same logic as that of his counterpart. If he initially downplayed the information, saying that it was unfounded, he later took care to identify what he thought was good news for these big companies in their contemptuous attitude towards Cameroonian artists "If all the artists, refuse the pills they are given because they feel they deserve better ... the guys in front will have no choice but to increase ... but here when you refuse a stamp because you do not think you deserve it no ... it's another artist as well known as you who will accept it and sometimes much less ... it takes a movement to change things "he thinks.

Maalhox says however that after his statements, many business leaders have called him and promised him that they will make more efforts to support the nascent Cameroonian music industry, as well as Cameroonian artists.

Source: cameroon-info.net