Saturday, August 3, 2019

Riots in Kondengui: MRC detainees moved to Yoko Prison

According to information from consistent sources, convoys are being prepared at Yaounde Central Prison for Yoko Prison.

Since yesterday, a convoy truck has been parked at the Yaoundé Kondengui Central Prison and this evening again for the purpose of transferring detainees to Yoko Prison. The information that filters out shows that MRC activists, anglophones, defendants and convicts are the main targets. About 150 people are being transferred to this prison in the Mbam-et-Kim department in the Central region. The name of Dadi Serge, this famous prisoner are among those to be transferred. The effects of MRC and Anglophone penitentiaries exfiltrated on the night of the mutiny were removed from their premises today. All that suggests that they can be transferred.

Remember that this convoy arrives following the mutiny Monday, July 22, 2019. This transfer will solve the problem of prison overcrowding? Is it right to ask?All the analyzes show that the main cause of prison overcrowding is judicial slowness and the corruption of certain magistrates. How will the defendants to attend their trials in Yaounde? The Minister of Justice certainly has an answer to this question.

Source: The TGV of the info