Monday, August 26, 2019

Revelations of Victor Fotso to Paul Biya after the evacuation of his son

The wealthy businessman Victor Fotso sent a heartfelt thank-you letter to President Paul Biya after the medical evacuation of his son Yves Michel Fotso sentenced to life as part of the spate operation.

"This is an opportunity for me to reiterate my total dedication, and through my humble person that of the greater Western Region and far beyond, much of the North West." he wrote.

Below the full letter

Excellency the President of the Republic,

It gives me the honor to address to your august and very high institution that you embody so happily to express my deep gratitude to the place of the exceptional man of peace, generosity and magnanimity that you are.

The heart of a father has met another father's, and you have appeased my grief by giving Very High Instructions for the release of my son, Yves-Michel.

Excellency the President of the Republic,

To say thank you would not translate all the deference with which a heart as bruised as mine felt fighting again and that is why I summon the spirits of our ancestors to protect you relentlessly and to God Almighty from you grant health, long life and ever more wisdom to continue to guide you in the conduct of state affairs.

You are a man of your word: you have promised me to use every means available to you to free my son, who has been misled by some of your collaborators still in office in the corridors of power, and you have kept your promise.

However, you will have noticed that despite the technical difficulties posed at the same time by the detention of your former collaborator confused in the same case (Mr. MARAFAT HAMIDOU YAYA), these same collaborators wanted to override your instructions by prolonging the internment for several months of my son Yves-Michel. These are individuals, it must be said, who constantly undermine your action for unacknowledged objectives, and that it will absolutely neutralize given their proven connections with the enemies of the Nation.

Excellency the President of the Republic,

I am delighted to be part of the very small circle of citizens of this country who know your high sense of responsibility, always listening to your people who will trust you as long as you have the breath to complete the work of national construction that you have been leading successfully for several decades, sparing no effort in the accomplishment of this heavy and exhilarating task.

This is an opportunity for me to reiterate my total dedication, and through my humble person that of the greater Western Region and far beyond, much of the North West.

We will spare no effort to block the road to all apprentice wizards and other adventurers of the same kind who want to deliver our dear and beautiful country looters of modern times who are masked in the various conflicts they want to impose on us.

This vast conspiracy will not pass by the West as long as I have the slightest breath, and I have already warned a large majority of our compatriots in the Western Region by reminding them that a doe does not cross in the middle of the lions. They understood me and in the coming days, I will engage a vast sensitization with the guardians of our traditions, without distinction, to show them the dangers to which we expose the adventure of the young Professor who wanted to launch into politics without the opinion or the blessings of elders. I am committed to providing all the amenities related to their collaboration in this operation and I have already obtained their agreement.

Excellency the President of the Republic,

I can not finish this statement without asking you to convey my deferential and warm greetings as well as my deepest respect to your illustrious wife, the First Lady, Her Excellency Madam Chantal BIYA.

Assuring you of my total devotion, I beg you to believe that your Excellency the President of the Republic has the assurance of my highest consideration.